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Student Success Stories – Rob Byrne

“Nutrition has always been a big part of my life – to make that your job is awesome.”


For Rob Byrne, the last two years couldn’t have been more different. After quitting his office job and leaving the corporate world, he embarked on a career change that would lead him to be stationed on a super-yacht in Italy as a chef.

‘It wasn’t until I left my job that things began to happen’

“I was working at a builder’s merchant in Gosport for just over 10 years,” Rob said. “After a while, my motivation for the job was decreasing, and I felt there was much more to life than sitting in an office.

“Working with food has always been an interest of mine, but I never pursued it. It wasn’t until I quit my job and started again that it began to happen.”

Rob started training as a chef at a local restaurant in Gosport. During that time, he discovered Future Fit Training through a friend and enrolled on the Advanced Diploma in Nutrition and Weight Management course.

‘The support throughout my studies was brilliant’


Divided into 5 modules, the course equips learners with the knowledge and fundamentals of nutrition, and how it can be applied to different demographics.

The diploma is attained entirely through online study, with several practical assessments and tests included. For Rob, it offered great flexibility whilst training.

“The knowledge I picked up from the course has enabled me to be a lot more balanced in what I’m doing. From a nutritional aspect, it’s really helped me with giving people advice on what they should be eating.

“The support from Future Fit throughout my studies was brilliant. There was a period where I took a break to prioritise my chef training – they were so understanding and refreshing to deal with.”


‘Getting the diploma has really enabled me to stand out’

After attaining both of his qualifications, Rob started to apply for full-time positions and came across a placement on a super-yacht in Italy. Originally built for a Middle Eastern Royal Family, the boat is currently on sale for £350 million.

“I have been working on the yacht for just over a month now,” Rob said. “As part of my role, I cook for the 35 crew, where they expect Michelin star food all the time! I’m currently on a 2-month placement, but there is the potential for it to increase.

“Gaining a diploma in nutrition with Future Fit has really complimented what I was doing – it’s helped me to stand out in a competitive industry and changed my life.

“The way the course is provided is not intimidating. To be able to achieve that level of qualification in your own home is fantastic.

“You really come away with the confidence that you know what you’re talking about.”