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Pre And Post Workout Snack Ideas

Pre-workout snack ideas

High protein, high carbs, low fat, optional caffeine depending on preference and if you are training with weights. Ideally consume 30-60minutes before training.

Protein porridge

Put a scoop of oats in your protein shake if you’re not going home before the gym or put a scoop of whey in your porridge if you have access to facilities to make porridge just before you train. High protein, high carbs, and tastes great.

Fruit power

Blend fruit and a scoop of whey protein and some ice for a refreshing quick and easy protein and carb snack. This can be made in the morning before you leave for work, or can be done just before you train.

Blue yoghurt

Try non-fat Greek yoghurt mixed with blueberries. The non-fat greek yoghurt has a higher protein content than regular yoghurt, and the blueberries provide the carb fuel.

Peanut butter & banana pitta

You can make this in advance, and eat it before you train. Spread peanut butter into a wholemeal pitta and add slices of banana. Wrap it if you aren’t training until later in the day.

Pre workout drink

There are many available, often sold as powder for you to mix in quantities that suit you and your training style. Protein, caffeine, carbohydrates, electrolyles, glutamine, BCAA’s and more. If you want to spend your time in the gym, not in the supermarket and kitchen, this is probably the route for you. You will have to research your chosen product carefully, and experiment with quantities (half a scoop of this, plus 1 scoop of that). You need enough energy to train, without having so much caffeine you are unable to sleep. If you are doing mainly cardio, then you may wish to mix a drink higher in carbohydrate. Your chosen recipe can be measured out in advance, then you can add water and drink just before you exercise.

Post-workout snack ideas

Medium or high protein, high carb, low fat. Ideally consume 15-60mins after training.

Banana milk

1 medium banana and a pint of skimmed milk, either separate or blended. It couldn’t be any simpler than this!

Rice ‘n’ shake

2 caramel rice cakes and a scoop of whey protein. Easy to take to the gym then you can have them as soon as you finish.

Rice and cheesy

3 plain rice cakes with cottage cheese on. Packed with protein and carbs to refuel after your workout.

Scrambled pitta

3 egg whites and 1 yolk scrambled and put in a wholemeal pitta. This can be eaten hot or cold, so you can prepare it in advance if time is a struggle.

Post-workout drink

As with the pre workout drinks, these can be mixed by you in quantities that suit your training regime. You will need to evaluate your budget and your requirements, but with a bit of research, you will find something that meets both of these, and hopefully tastes great too.

It’s all about results, so if you can give 100% nutritionally, your training will benefit, and the results will come. Good luck.