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Legacy Awards – The Judges

Our Judges

“The Legacy Awards encompass everything I believe in. Most awards celebrate either good achievements or successes. What I love about the Legacy Awards is they’re focusing on people who are just at the beginning of their journey, taking their very first steps in the industry “

David Stalker

Former CEO of CIMPSA


As the CEO of CIMSPA I’m totally invested in the sector’s workforce, so I want to see what the future holds; what the next generation of fitness looks like. I’m delighted to say, from what I saw and heard during Future Fit’s Legacy Awards, it’s pretty spectacular! The applications were all incredible.”

Tara Dillion



“Future Fit definitely have something special in the industry and are clearly very well respected. The atmosphere on the night was very close and you can see they are very passionate about what they do.”

Richard Snook

Head of Fundraising, Development and Communications at Dame Kelly Holmes Trust


“It was such a good event. Not only for students but for our staff too. It reminds us why we do what we do. Giving finalists that have already undergone training a CIMSPA membership as part of their prize is so important too.”

Paul Swainson

Research and Development Lead at Future Fit Training


“I’ve been involved with a lot of awards over the years and so I expected these to be pretty much the same as I’d seen before in various guises, but they could not have been more different. I felt energised after meeting the finalists, feeding off their energy.”

Tom Godwin

Head of Education and Training at Future Fit Training


“Most colleges have some kind of internal reflection on their students achievements, but I’ve never come across a model like this, which is so refreshing. The Future Fit Legacy Awards, sat very well with me and so I was inspired to meet the applicants on their way into our industry.”

Steven Mitchell

Independent Chair of the Transcend Awards


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