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How To Compare The Best Training Providers In The UK

How do you know which training provider is the best for your requirements?

The fitness industry can be a fantastic source of revenue for people who want a more flexible and exciting working life. Naturally, this is not the only reason why people want to work in the industry.

The truly great fitness professional has a deep-seated desire to help others achieve their goals. The sector is growing quickly and a well-equipped fitness trainer can earn from over £50/hour when first starting out.

Training providers and schools play an essential role in shaping the future of the industry and the success of their students and clients. The level of success for a newly qualified student relies heavily on what they learn from their training provider. Some of the most important, and commonly overlooked teaching points include business skills, practical experience, behavioural change, motivation, nutrition and support to find a new job as a graduate.

Having said that, the real questions is this: How do you know which training provider best suits your needs?

To help you decide, we have developed a Comparison Checklist of all the features that employers and industry experts look for in newly qualified fitness and nutrition professionals. We want you to compare fitness courses so you can be assured you are making the right choice.

We’ve divided this guide up into sections to put you in a position to directly compare personal training courses, as well as nutrition and pilates.

You might think that this is an approach to promote Future Fit at the expense of other providers. We understand this which is why we have made the Checklist as comprehensive as possible – so you don’t miss out any detail. We’ve added in space to look at 2 other providers so you can compare nutrition courses, and others directly.

In the end, you decide who wins.


That’s why we encourage you to download the Comparison Checklist, where you can check up to 130 evaluation criteria split into 7 categories:

  • Business Criteria: When picking the right training provider, you should consider which course includes the most comprehensive content. Business, behaviour change coaching skills are amongst the most important topics.
  • Course Length: In the industry, there has been a ‘race to the bottom’ to offer shorter and shorter courses which will leave you under-educated and unprepared. Don’t be swayed by the quick fix.
  • Customer Service: The support that you receive needs to be continuous from day one, through to qualifying and beyond. You will want someone to chat through your options with and assistance from your tutors.
  • Well-Known Tutors: All tutors should have extensive experience of working and teaching in the industry. Make sure you check how long the tutors have been working with the school.
  • Course Contents: Do you want to only study for your own interest, or do you want to start a new career in personal training, with a business focus and career support? Before choosing a school, you should consider your strategy for the future.
  • CPD Courses: Think about what you need after you qualify. When given the option of studying further CPD courses with a range of providers, choose a school that offers you a continuous development program.
  • Payment Options: 0% Finance, pay in full, pay as you learn. Is the training provider offering all of these flexible options to make sure you can afford to learn without breaking your wallet.