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How can Personal Trainers earn more?

Knowing what to charge for your personal training sessions can feel like a balancing act. Whilst it’s vital to charge enough per PT session to keep your business viable, you don’t want to set your prices so high that you miss out on clients.

This article will look at the average earnings of personal trainers in the UK, and the steps you can take to increase your price per session justifiably.


  • Rough Guide
  • Qualifications
  • Location
  • Uniqueness and Specialism

Rough Guide


Personal trainers can expect to earn around £25K each year before specialising. Salaries may vary depending on whether you are employed to train clients in a gym, or are self-employed. Earnings can also vary greatly depending on your location. A personal trainer in London could charge an hourly rate of £80 to £100, compared to £20 to £30 in Cheshire.

Regardless of where you live, long term you can increase your hourly rates by undertaking further specialist training. To earn £60K each year, you would need to charge £50 per hour and work 35 hours per week. This is equivalent to having 15 to 20 clients who book two sessions with you each week.

Clients will only pay a higher rate if they feel confident that they are getting excellent service for their money. You’ll therefore need to demonstrate the exceptional knowledge and results that they will benefit from when working with you.



As a personal trainer, you can already offer a personalised service to help your clients meet their weight loss and fitness goals. The fitness industry is competitive, and potential clients looking to hire a personal trainer will want to choose someone with a diverse knowledge base and high level of expertise.

All clients will want to get the most out of the investment they are making in both their time and finances. Certain qualifications will set you apart from other fitness trainers, including courses in Nutrition for Sports and Exercise, Pre- and Post- Natal Nutrition and Exercise, or qualifying as a Low Back Pain Exercise Specialist.

Becoming confident in certain areas will increase your demand in communities that require specialist input. These groups will often be willing to pay higher personal trainer prices to be sure that the training they receive will be safe and effective for their individual circumstances.

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We have already seen that a fitness trainer in London can expect to charge higher rates than elsewhere in the country. However, alongside the potential for greater earning, there is also greater competition. To succeed in large cities, you’ll need to offer an enhanced service to outshine other personal trainers and secure business. Keeping an eye on your competitor’s pricing and specialist qualifications will help you set your own suitable pricing structure.

Additionally, although the higher fitness trainer prices in London sound attractive, your rates are offset against the high cost of living in the capital.

Becoming an online personal trainer can be a great way to increase your earnings regardless of your location. The benefit of online fitness sessions is that clients can join you from anywhere in the world, significantly widening your potential client pool and earnings.

Uniqueness and Specialism


If you’re not clear on your unique selling point, your clients won’t be either! Whether you are a specialist in plant-based diets, kettlebells, or exercise for fat loss, make this clear in your marketing.

Potential clients who can easily see your specialist credentials and experience will be willing to pay higher rates for a PT who can effectively support their specific fitness goals. Clients may also be willing to travel further for the types of training you offer and may continue to work with you long-term, providing a steady income.

Final Thoughts


Earning a good salary as a personal trainer requires you to work a core number of hours each week whilst building up a steady client base. The average starting salary for a personal trainer can quickly grow if you specialize by undertaking further qualifications. Offering a unique service allows you to set higher hourly rates, with clients willing to pay more to see the fitness results they desire.

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