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Future Fit Training Achieves Advanced Certification for Level 5 Courses

We’re thrilled to share a significant milestone in the journey of Future Fit Training towards excellence in nutrition education. Our relentless commitment to providing top-tier training has been recognized once again as we achieve the highest certification for our Level 5 Nutrition courses from the Association for Nutrition (AfN).

This prestigious ‘Advanced’ status not only underscores our position as pioneers in nutrition education but also assures our students and professionals of the rigorous standards and evidence-based training we offer.

A Legacy of Accredited Excellence

Future Fit Training has consistently pursued and received AfN certification for our programs, including our Level 3 Nutrition and Weight Management and Level 4 RSPH Nutrition courses. The extension of this certification to our Level 5 courses—Nutrition in Advanced Nutrient Metabolism and Nutrition and Immunity—marks a significant achievement. This accreditation assures that Future Fit Training meets AfN’s benchmarked standards, which are meticulously designed to foster high-quality education and ethical practices in the field of nutrition.

Understanding AfN Certification

The AfN’s certification system categorizes courses into four levels: Foundational, Introductory, Intermediate, and Advanced. This system helps maintain transparency and allows prospective students to identify the quality of nutrition education provided easily. Achieving an ‘Advanced’ rating distinguishes our courses and supports our students’ confidence in their educational choices, knowing they align with the highest industry standards.

The Importance of Accredited Learning

In an industry where terms like nutritionist and dietitian are legally protected but ‘nutrition coach’ is not, the risk of non-accredited courses misleading the public is high. Glenys Jones, Deputy Chief Executive of the AfN, highlights the value of accredited qualifications, “Anyone can produce a course…but if you have a qualification accredited by the professional body, you know it has undergone rigorous quality assurance.” This makes choosing providers like Future Fit, which holds an ‘Advanced’ status, crucial for those aspiring to excel in nutrition-focused careers.

Future Fit Training: A Leader Amongst Equals

Future Fit Training stands as one of only two providers in the UK to achieve ‘Advanced’ status from the AfN for Level 5 Nutrition courses. This unique position not only highlights our dedication to excellence but also our role as a leader in the field. Carl Richards, our Operations Director, expressed his enthusiasm, “Being recognized as ‘advanced’ reaffirms our commitment to delivering exceptional education that empowers health professionals to excel.”

A Commitment to Continuous Improvement

Hazel Goudie, Head of Teaching and Learning at Future Fit Training, shared her pride in this achievement, noting, “This recognition demonstrates our ongoing dedication to continually raising the bar in providing education that meets the highest standards of quality.”

Our team is driven by a passion for education and a commitment to our students, ensuring they receive the training necessary to succeed in the ever-evolving world of health and nutrition.

Join Our Advanced Courses

For those looking to further their expertise in nutrition and wish to ensure they receive an education that meets the strictest standards, our Level 5 courses provide an excellent pathway. Learn more about how Future Fit Training can help you achieve your career goals in nutrition by visiting our website and exploring our advanced nutrition courses.

At Future Fit Training, we’re not just educating; we’re transforming the nutrition education landscape in the UK.