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Coaching Fitness Online – Ready to Revolutionise Your Training?

Ready to maximise your training potential by taking your training business completely or partly online? Future Fit's newest Coaching Fitness Online course has been developed by PT's for PTs to give you the ultimate skills toolkit to bring your training to a wider client base than ever!

Are you ready to maximise your training potential and help bring fitness coaching into the digital age?


We are excited to announce the launch of our Coaching Fitness Online course! This new CPD learning opportunity gives fitness professionals a complete toolkit of skills to bring their training businesses online.


The past year has seen a complete revolution in the way we train our clients. Online fitness and training as a solution to gym closures and social distancing have risen dramatically as people looked for innovative ways to keep active. The skills learned on this unique e-learning course will give you the confidence to capitalise on this trend not just as an elite trainer but as a business professional. We will provide you with the key knowledge in all areas of coaching online, setting you apart from the competition and helping you maximise your earnings.


This course was created by our PT Master Trainer, Mark Laws, designed by fitness professionals FOR fitness professionals to give you the most up-to-date and valuable skillset.


Read on to discover more about this exciting course, the learning structure, and how this will help you pioneer this new coaching method, whether full-time or part-time, to widen your training community like never before.



What Will This Course Cover?


A complete breakdown of the course, learning style, and assessments can be found on the Coaching Fitness Online page here.


Qualifications Future
Fit Training certificate in Coaching Fitness Online (CIMSPA recognised and aligned
to their Delivering Sport and Physical Activity Online policy)
Entry Requirements There is no official prerequisite for this course.

However, we recommend this course for Level 3 and above qualified Personal Trainers to build upon existing knowledge and qualifications.

Course Length 5-7 Hours
Assessment Method 100%
flexible online learning with a multiple-choice assessment at the end to check
complete understanding of the materials.


This course has been designed to cover the entire journey from setting up online to delivering safe and effective training sessions for a growing client base. You will be taught these skills in 5 modules:


  1. Fundamentals of Online Coaching – who it suits and where it can fit into your business.
  2. What You Need – focussing on the essential equipment both on and offline, you will need to get your business up and running
  3. Performing assessments, programming, and coaching – including example strategies that you can implement into your business.
  4. Marketing – social media and essential platforms to use.
  5. Sales – generating effective ideas to convert potential customers and grow your client base.


Coaching Fitness Online covers every element that a fitness professional needs to successfully run all, or part of, their business online. No stone is left unturned” Mark Laws, PT Master Trainer at Future Fit Training.


What Are the Benefits of This Course?


Knowing not only how to deliver safe and effective programming but how to grow an online presence to help promote your brand to a limitless audience is essential for any 21st – century trainer.


The skills developed on this course will benefit your business by allowing you to:


  • Set your training apart by offering either a complete online training platform or a hybrid of online and in-person giving you and your clients ultimate flexibility.
  • Gain business skills beyond those that traditional training offers – developing you as a fully-rounded businessperson with the confidence to set up with the right platforms, insurance, legalities and more!
  • Keep up with trends as the demand for flexible coaching increases.
  • Boost your income by offering your training to anyone with an internet connection, growing your community beyond your local fitness centres.



Why Did We Create This Course?


We know that, despite a return to in-person training, there will be many clients who are not confident training in a gym environment. They may also have discovered that they prefer the structure of online coaching to suit a time frame around their existing commitments.


A recent study by Gympik suggested that 60% of fitness consumers were keen to continue with online fitness platforms. 52% of people were also willing to pay more for a hybrid-style membership that includes both in-person and online gym training. We know our students will want to be at the forefront of revolutionising training to fit with post-COVID fitness styles and provide an essential service to anyone with an internet connection.



A Word from Mark Laws About Creating ‘Coaching Fitness Online’


The inspiration was to provide some structure to the large number of people transitioning into an unknown coaching environment. We wanted a detailed yet simple course that would provide all the tools and information required to either transition to 100% online coaching or have it as an option that could enhance income.
This course is designed in a way that even the most die-hard fan of face-to-face coaching (of which I was as die-hard as they come) could set up a simple and potentially lucrative online product that boosts their income, reduces how many face-to-face hours they NEED to deliver and acts as an excellent funnel to up-sell clients onto their higher-priced plans. I imagine many more PTs will take advantage of the hybrid model, combining online and face-to-face sessions long after gyms are open again.
The main benefit is having access to a simple, effective, and easy-to-implement course designed by successful online coaches to make other online coaches more successful.”


To Conclude


We are excited to bring you a truly meaningful course that benefits all areas of your training online, allowing you to develop as a coach and as a businessperson. This course is unique to Future Fit Training, created by experts in the field to give you innovative knowledge to boost your training potential beyond the traditional remits.


We cannot wait for you to get started! Sign up for this course by visiting the Coaching Fitness Online page here.

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