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Benefits of Pilates for Men

Just because this exercise method is frequented by females or popular with dancers does not mean it is any less applicable to men. In fact, the system was designed by a man named Joseph Pilates! His system emphasises correct alignment in order to build strength from the inside out through a deep inner focus. While it may not build bulky muscle like weight lifting, the muscle you will have will be more functional and better your movement through everyday life.


Pilates focuses on developing core strength and coordination through breath and concentration. Any man in his right mind wants a strong core, right? However, Pilates go further than just skin-deep. Leave the six-packs for a night out with the guys and you can learn how to really use your deep abdominal muscles when you try a Pilates workout. There are many benefits for men to start Pilates. Besides the obvious one of developing a strong core, the same benefits that woman receive, men also receive; improved posture, increased lung capacity, recovery from injury, and the list goes on.


Let’s take a look at specifically how Pilates can improve a man’s lifestyle.

Pilates Compliments Other Workouts


Let’s face it, most men do not stretch enough. In order to achieve optimum health, one must be balanced with not only what you eat, but also in how you exercise! We all know the saying, it is possible to have too much of a good thing. If you’re constantly stressing your muscles through weight lifting or another bodyweight exercise without stretching, this can lead to injury and fatigue over time.


This means that adding Pilates to your workout regime will help to balance your body in a way that will compliment your more intense workouts. In fact, when you stretch your muscles through Pilates, you build lean and resilient muscle that will be able to take more stress over time. You may find yourself able to pump out more reps or strengthen your endurance to longer sets of your other favourite workouts.

Pilates Helps Improve Sports Performance


Believe it or not, Pilates is used to improve performance in a variety of sports. It is often used as cross-training for athletes in American football and baseball, to name just a few. The reason for this? Because Pilates is functional. Injuries in high-level sports often occur because of overuse and imbalances in the major muscle groups. Pilates works to alleviate these imbalances by discerning weakness in posture and specific muscle groups during your workout. Through its gentle strength building and body awareness, Pilates can improve athletic performance by ensuring your body is in proper alignment to sustain the demands placed on it.

Pilates Helps You Become More Confident


Pilates conditions the body, but it also helps to train the mind on a more subtle level, too. Some exercises are simple in the beginning, and when you begin to master them, they gradually become more challenging. This can be a rewarding way to track your progress, and over time, can build your confidence.


Over time, Pilates can also help change and transform your body. The practice can alleviate back pain or even help you shed some extra weight, which will help you physically feel better. When you physically feel better about yourself on the inside and develop a more positive self-image, inner confidence can begin to shine through, which can help work performance and improve your relationships.

Pilates Helps To Develop Focus And Concentration


Pilates is a mind-body exercise discipline. It utilises the breath as the bridge between what you do with your body and how your mind focuses in the moment of action. During daily life or even other forms of exercise, the breath has not emphasised the way it is during a Pilates session. This can improve your concentration when you perform the Pilates exercises with attention to detail – what the breath is doing, what the muscle action is doing, the coordination of the body, and the awareness and direction of the mind. The bonus – this work does not stop when you leave your Pilates mat. The focus you build during your workout will stay with you, to further enhance your focus and concentration in your daily life.


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