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5 Healthy Alternatives to Cereal

“Never ever skip breakfast,” they say… So if you’re one of the many unsure of cereal sugar content, but would like to eat before you leave the house, try these super healthy and quick breakfasts to keep you full of energy and ready for your day.

Scrambled Egg in Pitta Bread

High protein, low carb. This is an easy option and you can vary the egg mix to suit your requirements (eg 3 whites, 1 yolk). Scramble, and pop inside a wholemeal pitta bread to eat before you go, or on the go if you’re in a rush.


You can include fruit and vegetables of your choice, peanut butter, oats, anything really, and this can be made in advance and kept in the fridge overnight. Fantastic, quick, easy, full of your five-a-day, and filling.


Overnight Oats

As the name suggests, this requires making the night before. Mix half a cup of milk, 1/3 cup of oats and half a mashed banana. If you want to add nuts or cinnamon for flavour, or protein powder they work well. Place the mixture in Tupperware and leave it in the fridge overnight. In the morning, just eat!

Egg and Avocado Toast

Wholemeal toast with a mashed avocado topping. If that’s not yummy enough, add either scrambled or poached egg for protein. These take a few extra minutes but are well worth the time if you have it.

Fruit Soup

Be creative. Prepare in advance and cut up your favourite fruits (mango, plums and strawberries work well). You could even choose frozen already prepared fruits. Put them in a bowl and cover them with milk. Leave in the fridge and enjoy when you’re ready.


So there you go. Who needs cereal?

Try using these as a starter and be creative from there. Enjoy your breakfast. It is important!


Written by Heather Oaks.

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