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Beyond The Talk

Beyond the Talk is a new series of intimate video podcast discussions that take a deeper look into some of the talks at Elevate 2023. This will see some key people from the panel, as well as a few special guests, get together and explore these topics further.

Why are we launching the Beyond the Talk series?

If you ask anyone who attended Elevate 2023 what they most enjoyed, they’ll mention the talks. Led by experts, they provide the opportunity to discuss the biggest issues on the fitness sector. We feel that Elevate, and so many other events like it, give a platform to start some incredible conversations. What we also recognise is that the conversation doesn’t end when we step off stage. Beyond the Talk exists so that we can continue the conversation long after these amazing events and keep exploring these essential topics further.

Episode 2

Industry Leadership: Navigating Tomorrow's Activity & Wellness Landscape

Join us for the second episode of Beyond the Talk. In this episode, we discuss the importance of good leadership strategies, the benefits of collaboration, and how we can best navigate the evolving fitness and wellness sector.

Watch Episode 2 today.

Episode 1

Inclusivity in Physical Activity, Health and Education

This talk between Carl Richards, Ali Jawad, Ben Sharman and Chris Rattenbury covers the different physical activity levels between those with and without impairments. They discuss why it’s important to understand and acknowledge this, and empower the workforce to start gaining the confidence to work with a variety of different abilities. Whether you’re a Personal Trainer or Pilates Instructor, running a gym or working in a leisure centre, inclusivity needs to be at the heart of what you do.

Watch Episode 1 today.

Episode schedule coming soon

We’re currently working on our full Episode Schedule, check back here for Episode 3 details soon.

Be a part of the talk

Want to be involved with the next episode of Beyond The Talk? Send in your questions for our speakers to answer...