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Charlie Dodds

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I am a successful woman
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Charlie Dodds

Future Fit Ambassador


Future Fit Training student and Personal Trainer


Level 2 Understanding Mental Wellbeing
Nutrition and Weight Management

23 other CPD Courses (Thats a lot, we know!)

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Charlie's Story

"I’m Charlie, an online health and fitness coach based in London and Hertfordshire.  I embarked on a Total Immersion Course with Future Fit Training in 2016. I’d heard they were the leading training provider for the industry. 

Fast forward to 3 years of studying whilst still juggling my full-time career- I completed a whopping 16 qualifications.  If I said it wasn’t both testing and challenging, that would be a lie. This was not just about me anymore, but rather the transformation I knew I could deliver to others. So, I just kept striving and climbing to the top to follow the passion-driven route to succeed.  

I started The Image Guru in January 2021 and I help women with fitness, mindset & nutrition. My business is online and 1-2-1 I want to empower women to be the best version of themselves or as my hashtag goes: #imagineabetteryou I’m so excited for the future thanks to Future Fit I feel I’ve all I need to succeed. "

"I study with Future Fit because of their long-standing reputation within the health & fitness sector. Widely trusted by professional coaches it was the only provider I would know could lead me to where I wanted to go & support me ongoing in my career. "

A Q&A with Charlie

What made you want to get into the health and fitness industry?

I started out as a fitness instructor at a Manor House when I was 19 and I’ve always been mad on sport from school days. My passion was always there but am a firm believer you should work with what you enjoy, so here I am.

What is your top piece of advice for anyone wanting to change their career and join the industry?

I would say if you don’t know how- just ask. It’s a big step but Future Fit do a thorough discovery call initially & there is no obligation to sign up. I do think life is short so listen to your gut and if fitness is for you, go for it!!! You’ve nothing to lose and a heap of stuff to gain. 

What's your favourite meal?

Thai red curry, coconut rice garnished with fresh red chilli, coriander & lime.

What TV or film character do you relate to the most?

I’ve been told I’ve strong similarities to Salma Hayek. Not as much looks wise but character so I can relate to her. I’ve got big Charisma, a dry humour & I am rather feisty. I make sure to entertain my clients, but I assure you they will be firmly engaged through my coaching style! (And she’s Mexican- I speak Spanish as I’ve lived in the Mediterranean!) 

What's your favourite kind of workout?

Anything high intensity as I love the rush of adrenaline partnered with some good beats to make exercising fun & effective! 

If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

I would want to “fix people” let them always feel like sunshine so the darkness would never affect them. We all would smile for eternity! 

Why did you choose Future Fit Training?

I was recommended by industry professionals & I did A LOT of research- the courses they provide are just amazing. I could do all I wanted under one roof and I’m still learning now. They are the go to training provider working with some of the best organisations & fitness icons out there! 

Were you nervous to start your training course?

Yes, I was really unsure but the support from the tutors and head office was second to none. They have become like my second family; they always give advice & encourage you to take time in your learning. 

How do you think fitness has changed your life?

For the better, life is only as good as you make it and after all - health is wealth in my eyes. It is the healer of all, we all benefit from fitness in every walk of life. 

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