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Write on our fitness blog

We are glad you are interested.

Future Fit Training has started accepting guest articles and we invite Fitness, Nutrition, Pilates and teaching experts to share their stories, opinions and tips with our audience. We have our own rules for accepting the posts that we publish, however we will read everything and come back to you with a feedback.

Please read the guidelines carefully. Get published on Future Fit Training is not easy and we will reject a post if it's not compliant with our guidelines.

Topics that we cover

We cover everything in Fitness, Nutrition, Pilates and new careers including but not limited to:

  • fitness
  • personal training
  • workouts
  • nutrition
  • diets
  • Pilates
  • learning methods
  • online courses studies
  • fitness business management
  • marketing and sales for freelancers

What do we publish?

Education pieces: if you are an expert in one of the above categories to educate our audience, you can send us your tips, case studies, how-to articles and trends.

Opinions of experts: if you are an expert with a good online presence, you can send us your opinions about anything relating the above categories.

Our minimum basic requirements for approval

1. No duplicates

Only content that is 100% original, it doesn’t have to be published anywhere else.

2. Words limitation

Your articles should be not shorter than 800 words and not longer than 1,500 words.

3. Actionable

Less theory, more action. Your content should be actionable for readers.

4. Link for value

If you want to link, make sure they are credible and valuable resources.

5. No fake news

If you want to present scientific facts and information, make sure they are updated and accurate.

6. Do not promote yourself

Try to keep your self-promotion to a minimum.

7. No affiliates

You are not allowed to promote products. So no affiliates links.

8. Data first

Make sure whatever you claim is backed by data, not opinions.

What content we don't allow?

This is what you don’t have to submit:

  • Do not promote yourself, unless it’s absolutely necessary, like linking to relevant resources.
  • Do not present the obvious, for example “10 best recipes for a healthy diet”. We have seen this everywhere.
  • Do not make grammar mistakes.
  • Do not present too much theory, it doesn’t help anyone resolve a problem.
  • We don’t want opinions, we want actionable tips and advices.

What you should do next

  • Email our digital marketing department.
  • Do not email completed articles, send us just the main topic idea you want to write about.
  • Add a short bio at the end of your draft article.
  • To increase your chances to be published, add relevant links to other articles you have published.
  • Once we have received this information, we will review it and get back to you.
  • If we like it, we will get back to you to ask you more details.

Thank you for reading and good luck!