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Our training update

All courses are available to study right now.

Our course structure has been changed to accommodate postponement of our face to face workshops and assessments.

We would like to thank you all for your understanding and patience as we work through the various challenges that the pandemic has presented to us and our wider communities. We are working closely with our partner venues so that we can recommence our practical courses after the upcoming lockdown to minimise disruption to delivery.

As you can imagine with so many different types of courses, venues and learners across the UK we will not have a one size fits all approach but are working behind the scenes to ensure everyone’s safety. We are working hard to ensure you have an outstanding learner experience and we look forward to seeing you soon.

Over the past 10 months, adapting and re-creating our training style to work seamlessly, despite the restrictions the UK has faced, has been our top priority.

All of our training, every module, and each step, is created and adapted with our students in mind and their current and ongoing career's in this exciting, and still fruitful industry.

How can I start or continue my training?

You can train online, right now.
You can get started with the e-learning (which can make up, up to 70% of your course!) from home now and book your practical workshops and assessments later on when restrictions are lifted.

Our Nutrition courses are 100% online learning.
You can start your course online now, in readiness for people who are seeking out nutrition and health advice now and post lockdown.

You can 'attend' live virtual workshops.
They are ‘drop-in’ sessions so no need to register in advance - simply look for the course you are studying and put the details in your calendar or diary, then click the workshop link at the stated time.

Online Personal Training is growing.
e can help you adapt to this style of teaching and supporting your clients through their journey.

Your training is flexible.
You can work on your e-learning from as little as 1-hour a week, making it easy to fit around your current lifestyle or prior commitments.

You'll be in high demand.
With the lockdown we’re all moving less and probably snacking more than we should; people have a renewed understanding of health and fitness. Those who are thoroughly trained and highly qualified will be in demand both in gyms and in the independent sector.

Future Fit’s Student Zone, student and technical support are all on hand, as usual. We are here, throughout the pandemic and lockdown to help and support you in your learning and career.

This page was last updated on: 19/01/2021 at 15:53pm