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Future Fit Traning

The Kaizen Project 2023

From Fitness to Wellness – Can we do more to pivot into this new concept & help our NHS peers to address long-term conditions while gaining an 85% bigger audience?

Key Information

7th October 2023
8 Speakers
5th Year

What to expect?

Submerse yourself in a day of experiences with influential speakers, like-minded peers and practitioners. The Kaizen Project 2023 is all about you. This event theme is solely aimed at offering you the opportunity for Continuous Improvement as a trainer, therapist or coach.

Join Rachel Frances Thomson, Biomechanics Coach, and others for a day of sessions aimed at empowering you with ideas on how to develop your own skills in communication. Whatever your profession, when we work with humans, we need to understand how to communicate effectively!

We are all looking for improved results for each and every one of our clients and also to learn from those with expertise and experience.

Kaizen – Continuous Improvement which is the key to being a great practitioner!

Sessions & Speakers

Over the course of the day we have a range of impressive speakers who will deliver talks on a variety of thought provoking topics from Engaging an Audience to Eye Biomechanics. There is something for everyone. Discover our speakers below.

Man and woman shaking hands at Elevate 2022

Opening Speaker

Rachel Frances Thomson

‘Engaging an audience’

As our sector gains recognition in health and wellness through programs like Biomechanics Coaching, we must reach out effectively to a broader audience, highlighting our inclusivity beyond just ‘fitness.’

Who are the 85% who do not come to our facilities? How do we reach them? Then most importantly how do we engage them for participation, not only in being active, but in staying active?

In this session, Rachel will share some evidence from leading neuroscientists about the effects of how we engage people, using a careful choice of words to influence their behaviours.

Tom Waldron

‘The Dynamic Nervous System’
(Material underpinned by Dermoneuromodulating and Franklin Method)

Just like joints, muscles, and fascia, the nervous system is mobile. With 45 miles of nerves in your body, daily multidirectional movement is vital. Stuck nerves can lead to discomfort.

This workshop covers:

  1. Learn how nerves, like dynamic living tissues, require regular movement.
  2. Discover how the peripheral nervous system interacts with the vascular system for nerve well-being.
  3. Explore Franklin Method exercises promoting healthy, tension-free nervous system movement.
  4. Gain easy interventions for better proprioception, dynamic alignment, and movement skills.
  5. Get introduced to Diane Jacob’s Dermoneuromodulation and its exercise-based therapeutic application.

Helen Tite

‘The evolution of fitness as we age, from a client’s perspective’

In this session, we’ll explore the journey from fitness to wellness as we age, through a client’s unique perspective. We’ll trace the evolution of fitness practices into a holistic approach to well-being.

As we delve deeper into wellness, we’ll highlight the importance of integrating mental and emotional well-being into fitness routines. We’ll discuss the client’s transformative experiences and how a holistic wellness approach enhances their quality of life.

Helen, the founder of a health and well-being business and a Public Speaker, centres her work on mid-life and beyond, particularly focusing on Menopause. She supports workforce well-being, conducts training, and offers ageing-related programs. Her approach involves realistic goal-setting and promoting lasting healthier lifestyles through leadership, education, empathy, and contagious enthusiasm.

Dubbed “The Wellness Anarchist” for her two decades in the fitness sector advocating for those marginalized, Helen’s passion is empowering others to shine.

Michelle Beach

‘Eye Biomechanics’

Sports Vision involves more than eye charts—it delves into focus speed, eye dominance, and peripheral awareness. This holistic approach, embracing binocular harmony, eye health, psychology, and collaboration, impacts decisions from wins to safety.

This presentation unpacks Sports Vision Assessment, including team screening, with insights from elite athletes and everyday patients.

Michelle, a Cardiff alumna, founded Park Vision in 2008, excelling in Sports and School Vision Diplomas, earning recognition in 2018 from Sport Vision UK.

Don Armand

‘Why consistency is the most important focus in development and performance’


Whether athlete or practitioner, a program’s efficacy hinges on consistent execution. But how do we cultivate this? Don will share a mind framework akin to physical programs, exploring how to establish and sustain consistency. Drawing from psychology studies and personal experiences, Don will outline a model he uses to assess and enhance my own consistency. This talk will empower you to tailor programs for individuals, gauging when to challenge or guide them on their journey.

Zimbabwe-born Don transitioned from professional rugby to founding GAS: The Gaming Athlete and directing Sampson Armand, delivering leadership coaching and strategy sessions.

Kim Tomlin

‘Giving People The Freedom To Move’

While enhancing our movement capacity is beneficial, letting people move freely dismantles barriers that hinder their potential, joy, and overall well-being.

This session transcends Fitness and Wellness boundaries, encouraging exploration. Kim, a Personal Trainer and Biomechanics Coach, embraces movement’s essence. A Primal Flow Instructor since 2012, she’s devoted to unveiling human movement’s marvels. Her passion lies in enhancing movement potential while celebrating individual capabilities. Join this practical session to understand your movement and inspire others to embrace theirs.

Paul Swainson

‘What is a ‘personal trainer’ anyway?’


Personal training’s definition varies widely within our industry, leading to challenges in communicating value to potential clients. This struggle extends to coaches, therapists, and practitioners too.

As we transition from fitness to wellness, the question of language, skills, and titles arises. How should we position ourselves? This query finds its answer through discussions with industry experts, including frontline workers. With over 15 years of experience in personal training, management, and education, Paul spearheads Future Fit’s initiatives. His advocacy for improved training standards is channelled through his roles as Education Project Specialist, writer, and presenter.

Mark Laws

‘£28.9 billion on the table. Want your share?’

The thriving global fitness industry is impressive, yet its reach often falls short. While we excel at engaging the converted through social media and tech-savvy marketing, a staggering 85% of the UK’s population remains untouched. In this session, expect both theory and practical tools to ethically claim your share of the £28.9bn untapped potential.

Learn simple, ethical strategies to not only boost revenue but also extend your assistance to those who need it most. Prepare for actionable insights that bridge the gap and bring fitness to a wider audience.


Join Rachel Frances Thomson and others for a day of sessions aimed at empowering you with ideas on how to develop your own skills in communication. Whatever your profession, when we work with humans, we need to understand how to communicate effectively!

*Unlimited tea, coffee & refreshments + 3-course hot & cold carvery lunch included in your ticket price!

Venue, Accommodation & Travel


Burleigh Court Conference Centre, Loughborough University.


For those of you who require accommodation, call the reservations team on 01509 633033 or email


The Link Hotel or The Elite Athlete Centre will also quote the best available rate.

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