Lyn Newton

"Future Fit Training have reinvigorated my zest for fitness and brought me back to why I wanted to work in this industry in the first place"

Where did your initial interest in fitness come from?

I was working in the industry as a Personal Trainer and had constantly heard good things about Future Fit Training from clients and staff alike. Pilates has always been an area of fitness that has interested me. Being in the industry I also recognised that in order to make yourself appealing as a trainer, you need to have a range of skills that suit a number of clients. This was something that I felt was necessary for me.

Why Future Fit?

I decided to call Future Fit Training and right from the beginning I knew they would be the right choice for my Pilates training. When I first enquired the Pilates courses in my area were full, but the team were ever so quick and helpful and eventually managed to get me on the course that I wanted! This showed me first how popular the courses must be and also the fact that Future Fit Training are willing to do anything to accommodate their students. I knew that if I had any problems during my training the student support team were only a phone call away and I knew I could speak to an expert that would be able to understand what I needed. This was very important for me as I already had a good knowledge of fitness. The expert advice given to me improved my knowledge and desire to learn even more.

My instructor Janet Moutrie was first class. She made the theory simple, understandable and presented it in an entertaining way. The small, class size was also a major plus, because it meant that all the students got the right care and attention. We also all had a good laugh at the same time.

My current role

I have used the techniques and theory from my Pilates course to become a Pilates instructor as well as a personal trainer. I firmly believe that without the confidence, knowledge and guidance that Future Fit Training has given me I wouldn’t have been able to open up my services to a wider range of people. Future Fit Training have reinvigorated my zest for fitness and brought me back to why I wanted to work in this industry in the first place.

My Future

I was so impressed with the course and service from Future Fit Training that I have now booked up some further courses to help complete my fitness education, as I believe that this is by far the best way to get ahead in the industry.

I would definitely recommend Future Fit Training to anyone that is serious about going into the industry and wants to give it their best shot. Future Fit Training will certainly give you all the help they can to make sure you can make it.