Julie Mander

"Three years on I have an extremely successful business, so much so that I have had to put some clients on a waiting list"

Where did your initial interest in fitness come from?

During my working life I have been employed in various capacities ranging from working on a plane as an Air Stewardess to running pubs and clubs. But I never fully felt satisfied working for other people. On a whim I decided to make enquiries as to whether I could actually realise my dream. I bought a copy of 'Health & Fitness' magazine and began calling all the training providers. Some showed no interest in me, some were too far away and then I came across Future Fit Training.

Why Future Fit?

I spoke to a young man who seemed to know exactly what I needed. He led me through the various courses and advised me of those needed and those which could perhaps be added on to increase my working flexibility. He also advised me on the payment schemes that are available, as money was also an issue at this time. I booked myself on the Future Fit Training Advanced Personal Trainer Diploma there and then. The loan was sorted out with the help of Future Fit Training advisers and everything was set in place. I hadn't realised just how easy it could be! The training I opted for was a Personal Training & Advanced Instruction course, with additions of Torso Training and Functional Stability, Nutrition and Weight Management and added on a Pilates course too.

Each course was really comprehensive and each trainer seemed to have fantastic in-depth knowledge, which was in turn relayed in such a manner that made the learning easy. The Tutors, whilst serious about the content of the course, brought a lot of fun into learning.

I would like to commend Future Fit Training on the superb back up, which I took advantage of whilst writing my assessment towards the Personal Training exam. Help was always available at the end of the phone.

My current role

Three years on I have an extremely successful business, so much so that I have had to put some clients on a waiting list. I run five Pilates classes a week, but my main concentration is on private clients and small groups, which are very popular in the rural area in which I live. My income has grown very substantially (I've just bought a lovely new car) and on a couple of occasions I have phoned Future Fit Training for advice and as always, have received expert advice remedying my queries. I love my new lifestyle and I would never have achieved this had it not been for Future Fit Training.