Caroline Gaze

"My Pilates Diploma has opened a whole new world for me"

Where did your initial interest in health and fitness come from?

I have always been into exercise and health and fitness classes, so after I had finished college this seemed to be a logical career path. A lot of the courses on offer, by local colleges and organisations, didn’t offer the qualifications that I needed to get me a job in the industry.

Why Future Fit?

I had been recommended Future Fit Training by a family member, and as I had always been into Pilates, I chose the Complete Pilates Diploma with the ETM Module.

My current role

My Pilates Diploma has opened a whole new world for me. I am currently running group and one-to-one Pilates classes in my local area. I hire the local hall out and the classes have been a great success, and have boosted my income.

My Future

I have now also secured a six-month contract with the prestigious Mark Warner Pilates, teaching Pilates classes in Greece for the summer. I am sure this great opportunity would not have been possible without Future Fit Training, and I am delighted that I chose a career in Pilates.

Thank you to everyone at Future Fit for making a career in fitness a reality, and I will be looking at other ways to further my skills in the near future.