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Head of School Announcement!

School Of Pilates Posted Jul 02, 2014 Future Fit Training

The School of Pilates is proud to announce the launch of our new and exciting Career Accelerator Package.

Head of School Announcement!

This fantastic business package has been created to give you everything you need to catapult your new career as a Pilates teacher. Working with industry-leading partners, we have created a unique package of services that will help you start your business immediately once qualified.

No other Training Provider offers this level of service and we are immensely proud to be the first to bring this comprehensive bundle to our valued students.

We understand how daunting it can be to set up a new business, so we’ve included services that will really help you start your new career confidently and comprehensively; from accountancy advice to social media and marketing guidance, you can be sure the information you receive will be helpful and thorough. To find out more about the package click on the image below...

Knowing you will continue to receive our help and guidance once you’ve qualified, you can really focus on your studies and enjoy every aspect of your training with us. We’ve included music and an impressive parcel of Pilates equipment within your Career Accelerator Package. This means you can practise with the equipment in the comfort of your own home and removes the pressure of finding suitable music for your practical assessment. We want all our students to feel happy, excited, inspired and fully supported throughout their time with us and we hope that by creating our Career Accelerator Package you will take full advantage of these services and feel completely prepared for your future.

Our Career Accelerator Package is offered not only our new students, but our existing students will get the opportunity to access this amazing support later in the year. Look out for more information in September.

Career Accelerator Package

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