Building Your Pilates Business

If you are just starting out as a Pilates instructor, here are 3 key tips to build a prosperous and profitable Pilates business for yourself.

School Of Pilates Posted Jul 25, 2018 Future Fit Training

Let's face it: when you started your career as a fitness professional, you had no idea that amount of time you would need to put into the actual business side of things.

Maybe you're a Pilates teacher and feel like you've been floundering around and seeing mediocre results in your class sizes and retaining students. It's not the best feeling and could even make you feel discouraged. Perhaps you are left wondering what you can do to improve your business and marketing.

Here at Future Fit Training, we don't leave anyone behind when it comes to making true Pilates professionals. Not only does this include excellent teaching, but we give teachers like you the tools to market themselves effectively in our Career Accelerator Packages and courses like our Building Your Fitness Business.

Want to make more money as a Pilates instructor, doing something you love? We want you to as well! You are not alone.

Learn key directions you can take to direct your business for more growth and profit. There are 3 essential things you need to do in order to become more prosperous from your Pilates business.

3 key tips to grow a prosperous Pilates business

Tip 1 - Have a Business Plan

The first thing you need is a business plan. What are your goals? Where do you teach? Who are your clients? Do you want to teach specialty workshops or have a niche to focus on? You need to get clear on your vision so that you can plan accordingly.

Additionally, having a business plan will help you with all of your expenses. You can also project your income and even set up a goal for how much money you desire to bring in through your teaching. This way you can use your business plan to help you stay on track.

Added bonus: all of this will help you at tax time, too!

Tip 2 - Market Yourself

In today's social media-saturated world, it's a no-brainer to use free tools like Facebook and Instagram to promote yourself as a teacher as well as your classes. And now, with the assistance of our course, you will be able to put a plan in place and take the steps you need to take to really put yourself out there and see results. Through the use of promotional tools, you will begin growing and retaining your client base in no time. No more worries about who's coming to class anymore! Those days will be history.

Tip 3 - Build Your Brand

It's time to take inventory of what makes you and your teaching unique. What sets you apart from the crowd? Why should people take your Pilates class?

A part of marketing is convincing other people, friends and strangers alike, why they should come and work out with you over someone or somewhere else. The fitness world is growing, so it is becoming more and more competitive. You have to make yourself stand out! This where building your brand comes into play.

When you begin to build your brand, you will be able to market yourself with key selling points that make your teaching and classes consistent. And you know what else this means? You will retain more regular paying clients while recruiting new ones! Sounds like a win-win situation.

If you're feeling stuck in your business, sign up for our Building Your Fitness Business course today. You can take the course in the comfort of your own home online and earn 6 CIMSPA CPD / 6 REPs CPD points.

Tip 4 - Check seasonality

There is a time of the year where Pilates is more popular and that's January. Find out why and read the pros and the cons of starting a new business during peak periods. The vast majority of clients make new years resolutions and they want to start fresh with a new year, it's vital to have this information and be able to plan ahead.

Tip 5 - Quotes from our career experts

Here at Future Fit Training, we have 25 years of experience in training the best professionals in the country. Our career advisers are experts in their field and can help you by giving invaluable tips about career change and starting a new business.