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Pregnancy Pilates as a participant

School Of Pilates Posted Feb 25, 2015 Future Fit Training

'My experience' by Heather Oakes, Pilates Tutor and Assessor and new mummy to a gorgeous boy!

Pregnancy Pilates as a participant

I was actively teaching regular Pilates classes when I found out I was pregnant with our first child.  At the beginning I felt so rubbish with morning sickness, motion sickness and complete exhaustion that I didn’t want to attend any classes dedicated to pregnant women.  It took all my effort to get up in the morning, let alone be sociable and exercise!

Once trimester one (the first 12 weeks) were out of the way, I found myself attending specific pregnancy Pilates classes.  This was interesting on many levels as I’d taught them for many years but had never actually attended as a participant, so it was a new experience for me.  I did my research and found a good local instructor who was willing to include me in their class.  

I found pre-natal classes to be fun and sociable as well as an interesting exercise experience.  I went with the goal of meeting other mums-to-be and to have someone observe my technique while my posture was likely to be lordotic.  The instructor was very good at explaining exercises and allowing everyone to work at their own level as the participants were at different stages of their pregnancies.  Throughout my second trimester I had loads of energy and felt invincible – far better than I had felt in the initial stages - so I was happy to keep attending the classes.  As weeks passed I grew bigger and bigger and entered trimester three.

As a participant I found the final stages of pregnancy to be weird, even though I had good body awareness, good posture normally and an above average understanding of the exercises.  Finding neutral in standing was far more confusing than I thought it would be when I was 7, 8 and 9 months pregnant.  This meant I had to be even more aware and precise with my movements.   

I attended pre-natal classes right up to giving birth and really enjoyed the experience.  I met some lovely mums-to be and worked as hard as I could in the condition I was in.  I definitely believe continuing Pilates throughout my pregnancy helped me manage my pregnancy and labour as well as making it easier to get back into my fitness regime afterwards.

Some of the people I met in the pre-natal class transitioned with me in to the post natal 'bring your baby with you' class. This was a whole new ball game.  Some women arrived half an hour early to feed their babies before the class started and others rushed in late after dealing with a last-minute poo explosion!  Babies lie on mats and if they are asleep then they stay there.  If they are awake they can be incorporated into some of the moves to keep them entertained and hopefully happy.  At any point during the class women would stop to comfort, feed or change their baby and of course the sound of crying newborns is just the norm!

I think the main benefit of attending these classes was the opportunity to go somewhere and exercise with my baby.  If he cries no-one cares.  If he is asleep the whole time no-one cares and if he needs feeding no-one cares.  Finding places to productively exercise with a newborn is almost impossible, so a post natal Pilates class is a fabulous find.  Meeting other new mums is crucial for your sanity.  As a new mum, creating a network of people that don’t mind vomit and crying is wonderful.

I feel by doing Pilates through pregnancy I physically placed myself in a far better position for joint stability and regaining my pre-pregnant core strength.  Post natal Pilates is also hugely important and I will continue to rebuild my core to keep my stability as I lift and carry my ever growing child.

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Written by Heather Oakes

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