A-Z of Pilates

Our A-Z of Pilates provides you with material to use in your classes or to enhance your own understanding and increase your Pilates knowledge.

D is for 'The Diaphragm'

Published on 25 November 2014

The diaphragm is a dome-shaped sheet of skeletal muscle which separates the floor of the thoracic cavity containing the heart, lungs and ribs, from the roof of the abdominal cavity.

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C is for 'The Crab - Advanced Exercise'

Published on 06 November 2014

The Pilates mat exercise, the crab, requires total control from the core, giving you a great abdominal workout. The crab is advanced. It builds on rolling like a ball, open leg rocker and seal which you should ideally learn first. Keep your Pilates principles in mind, especially precision and control.

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B is for 'Breathing in Pilates'

Published on 20 October 2014

As you know the diaphragm is one of the primary muscles used for breathing. During normal breathing we breathe without thinking as air passes through the respiratory system to the lungs to exchange carbon dioxide for oxygen and vice versa.

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A is for 'Alignment (Postural)'

Published on 08 September 2014

Good posture comes from being upright against the force of gravity so that your bones fit properly with one another at their respective joints (place where bones connect). The way the bones fit in relationship to one another and to the whole body are referred to as alignment.

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