A-Z of Pilates

Our A-Z of Pilates provides you with material to use in your classes or to enhance your own understanding and increase your Pilates knowledge.

I is for Imprint

Published on 25 March 2015

Imprinting is a way of setting up your body in the correct position on the floor to perform certain Pilates moves.

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H is for The One Hundred

Published on 05 March 2015

The exercise is known as The One Hundred because there are 100 small beating arm movements whilst maintaining a static position with their body

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G is for surnames of Pilates elders

Published on 19 February 2015

The 'elders' were just a few original students that studied directly under the supervision and guidance of Joseph Pilates.

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F is for Flowing Movement

Published on 29 January 2015

All Pilates exercises should be performed in a continuous flowing way, aiming to achieve controlled movement through the concentric and eccentric phases, resulting in a balanced and functional training programme.

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E is for the 'Erector Spinae'

Published on 15 January 2015

The erector spinæ is a muscle group of the back, which extends the length of the vertebral column.

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