Head of the School of Pilates - Sue Hall

"The best piece of advice that I've received is this, my grandfather used to grow fruit and veg in his garden – and he also enjoyed the odd tipple of whisky! He used to say “eat everything in season and drink in moderation” – so I’ve used this advice ever since :-)"
"My greatest achievement in fitness is that throughout my many years of teaching I’ve never sustained a terrible injury, which is a massive achievement considering the amount of physical pounding my body took every day! Another personal achievement was learning to ski at the age of 40! Now I’m hooked and want to improve my technique, which means returning to the slopes each year. This can be an expensive one-week –a- year hobby!"

Sue studied ballet, tap and modern dance and began teaching ballet in Finland at the age of 18. On her return to the UK Sue increased the variety of her classes by qualifying in Exercise to Music, step, gym instruction, personal training and Pilates. Sue worked as a fitness instructor teaching more than 20 classes per week and working with a number of PT clients. She then turned her focus towards training the trainers, staff recruitment and management.

Experience and expertise

  • Over 20 years’ experience in the fitness industry
  • An experienced presenter and educator, having lectured and taught Exercise to Music, Gym Instructor and Pilates courses all over the UK
  • Qualified assessor, internal verifier, Diploma in Management Studies
  • Teaches Pilates and ballet
  • Part of the management team at Future Fit Training and Head of Pilates
  • Sue has worked for Future Fit Training since 1995

What are your specialist areas?

Driving ideas forward and turning them into reality. As part of the management team at Future Fit Training, I can contribute and help shape the company strategy, which is very exciting. Supported by the Head of Personal Training and Head of Nutrition, I can influence our product development and ensure we’re meeting our students’ course requirements. I still have a passion for teaching and teach Pilates and children’s ballet classes.

What is your ethos?

Every day is a learning day! I think this applies throughout life and we shouldn’t be too quick to dismiss someone’s opinion just because it might differ from our own. We should continuously be ‘open to learn’ - whether from people who are older and have more experience than us or from our younger friends and family members. If an opportunity presents itself to you, and providing it’s safe, grab it with both hands and go for it. Treat others as you would want to be treated yourself and you’ll enjoy great friendships and a happy working life.

Tell us something personal about yourself

I’m the youngest of five children and part of a very close-knit family. I’m married and have two beautiful daughters and a mad Jack Russell called Ozzey. When I was 18 years old, my family entered a television show called Family Fortunes whose host was Les Dennis and I won a hi-fi stacking system!