Joanne Curran

"My ethos would be to make sure you add variety to your classes to keep clients motivated and help them strive towards achieving their goals. Offering individual attention to Pilates clients is vital to ensure their techniques are spot on and to understand what your clients want from the class. It will also confirm whether clients are noticing positive rewards from practicing the Pilates technique."
"My greatest achievement in fitness would have to be training and assessing. It is very rewarding to pass my skills and knowledge onto other potential instructors."

Jo started her career teaching classes after gaining her Exercise to Music qualification.  At first she taught in the evenings and weekends, balancing it with office work, but then decided to take her passion for the fitness industry one step further by working as a freelance studio instructor. She qualified in Pilates and pre- and post-natal fitness.  Jo has taught a wide range of classes as a fitness instructor as well as being a studio co-ordinator and personal trainer.  Her work has been with all ages and abilities plus involvement with the apprenticeships scheme, delivering a range of fitness qualifications, customer service, team leading and management programmes.

Experience and expertise

  • Over 16 years’ experience in the fitness industry teaching aerobics, step, body conditioning, spinning, aqua, Pilates, exercise to music and circuit training
  • Pilates Level 3 - training clients on a one to one basis using Pilates equipment such as the Pilates reformer as well as fundamentals, improvers and advances courses
  • Assessor qualification
  • Jo teaches and assesses Pilates at all levels and has been a Future Fit Training tutor since 2010

What are your specialist areas?

  • Pilates – I teach and assess fundamentals, improvers and advanced. I love seeing the rewards that Pilates can bring, whether it’s improved posture, core strength or just general toning. It appeals to such a wide variety of clients and it is very rewarding to help them achieve their individual goals
  • Pre- and post-natal exercise – I mark cases studies for this discipline

What's the best bit of advice you've received?

Write down your goals and set yourself small targets that are achievable and realistic.

Tell us something personal about yourself

I’m a great believer in these words from Henry Ford - “Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t, you’re right.”