Hazel Caddick

"My ethos is to live for today, don't worry about tomorrow!"
"A friend told me a long time ago, and I think it is profound piece of advice: be happy - nothing else matters"

Hazel’s passions are her children and fitness.  She’s taken part in triathlons, enjoys running, swimming and fitness classes.  Hazel is attending 6am boot camps on a daily basis to keep her fitness levels in peak condition.  She also likes to try and keep her children fit by taking them to kid’s boot camps, swimming lessons, football, rugby, basketball, dodge ball and tennis clubs.  She thinks it’s a good idea to introduce fitness to children from an early age so it becomes part of their teenage and adult lives.

Experience and expertise

  • Exercise to Music qualification with Future Fit Training
  • Passionate about Pilates
  • Works at local PT company teaching Pilates, Spirals, boot camps
  • Hazel has been a tutor with Future Fit Training since 2009

What is your specialist area?

My specialist area is Pilates! I also qualified as an assessor and obtained my teacher training, City and Guild Stage 2 certificate in teacher training and my Certificate in Education

What's your greatest achievement in fitness?

Finishing a triathlon!

Tell us something personal about yourself

I have an obsession with Nutella, I love vampires and am terrified of birds and heights!