Angela Walters

I also teach Les Mills programmes such as body attack and body pump. As my progression then turned to Specialist Pilates which is my new found love to which I am again fortunate to teach several classes per week totalling 23 classes of varying types. Before teaching classes I was a qualified Karate instructor competing at international level and having my own training school. Competing in Japan and becoming British Kumite Champion in 1990… as you can see been around a long time. 

I qualified as an assessor and continued to develop my skills to qualify with a PTTLS qualification.

I love and am passionate about encouraging and seeing people progress and achieve their goals. I have mentored many of my own participants, who now teach their own classes.

I have a great family (when I see them) and 10 grandchildren which is great and they all know my passion for my work. 

I am married and live in Hertordshire with my husband. 

I am always looking at the industry and trying to learn new things, so in between fitness, family, grandchildren and my other job as a freelance hairdresser, I also delivered hair extension courses for a national company. I am a little busy which I love don’t ask me about TV as I hardly ever watch anything as I am always a little tied up with other things. 

I haven't any hobbies, as my job is also my hobby. I therefore class myself as very lucky.