Kathryn Farrell

This passion led her to embark on Future Fit’s “Total Immersion” Diploma in 2009. She gained a great deal of knowledge in a broad range of related disciplines, which provided a solid platform with which to embark on her career as a freelance instructor, teaching both classes and one-to-one Pilates as well as Personal Training.

Since qualifying, her interest has focused more and more on Pilates. She loves the creativity involved in teaching Pilates, how exercises can be adapted and combined to produce beautifully flowing and functional movement. She also enjoys the challenge involved in transforming someone with little body awareness into someone strong and graceful. 

Kathryn believes it is important as an instructor to keep up-to-date with new understanding and teaching in the fitness industry and enjoys attending workshops to broaden her knowledge and meet like-minded people.

She lives in North London with her four children, three cats and her Border Terrier, who enjoys taking her out for long walks!  When things get hectic at home (quite often) she escapes for a run around Hampstead Heath, or a glass or two of Prosecco.