Olivia Johnson

"I have swapped my stilettos and smart clothes for trainers and work out gear and it feels GOOD! Scrap that it feels AMAZING!"

Where did your interest in fitness come from?

I have always enjoyed fitness and had employed a PT for 6 years when I was working in my office job in London. I often thought that I would rather be the trainer than the client but thought that I had missed my opportunity in life. After having my daughter aged 38 I got back into shape with buggyfit and running with the buggy and decided now was the time to make a change in my life and be the personal trainer that I had always wanted to be but specialise in helping other women regain confidence and their pre pregnancy body!

Why Future Fit?

I chose to train with Future Fit as I was impressed with the website , brochure and good service on the phone I received when enquiring about courses.

Everything was conducted in a professional, timely way, which made my decision to retrain easier.

I am near the end of the Advanced Personal Trainer course. I have completed the Personal Trainer module which was my initial goal so I am now working as a PT and fitness instructor one year after starting the course. I have just completed the Pre and Post natal . I still have a few modules outstanding, the next I'm planning to study is client psychology and motivation.

My current role

I've valued most qualifying as a Personal Trainer, nutrition and weight management and Pre and Post natal, as these are all very relevant to what I am doing now and of most interest to me as a woman. 

Most difficult was sitting down at the PC to study the in-depth science modules when I had just competed a full day at a demanding office based job , picked up my baby from nursery, fed, bathed and put her to bed... All on my own as my partner had moved to Dubai.

I coped by visualising my end goal, working as a PT and fitness instructor and being more flexible with my time. 

Most enjoyable was the workshops which meant meeting the other students and hearing their journey and what motivated them to start to study.

I also really enjoyed the case study's as it gave me a chance to apply what I had learnt in a practical way.

My life is totally different!

Since qualifying in July 2013, I got married 3 days later, then moved from Oxford to Dubai 4 weeks after that. On moving to Dubai I immediately joined a small business called Pure Fitness which is tailored to women, especially pre and post natal.

Initially I worked for free to gain experience, then 4 weeks later I was teaching their flag ship Buggyfit classes and had set up my own running classes for them. I now teach 4 classes a week and have 2 clients that I PT twice a week each.

My daughter is in nursery 3 mornings a week s I pick her up at 12.30 and catch a water taxi back to our apartment in Dubai.

Before qualifying my life was immersed in my Head Office job as Head of Merchandising. I was responsible for a team of people and all of the stock, sales and profit for the business. I found my job stressful and my baby daughter was in nursery from 8am until 6 pm at night. I felt guilty leaving the office to go and collect her and guilty leaving her to go to my office!

The future

I have not yet achieved my ultimate goal of having my own business but I am gaining invaluable experience and already have rewarding relationships with my clients who are seeing results from coming to my classes.

I have swapped my stilettos and smart clothes for trainers and work out gear and it feels GOOD! Scrap that it feels AMAZING! The best bit... I don't dread going to work anymore!

My top student tip

Don't lose sight of your end goal and why you embarked on this journey in the first place. Finding the time to compete the study, attend workshops, finish the assignment takes a lot of commitment and sacrifice. When it's done it's worth it but the process tests you and as the majority of people embark on this in addition to working a different job and looking after a family it's though to find the time sometimes.

Don't let that put you off starting as you will find a way but expect to be tired and make sacrifices to achieve your goal!

Olivia is a Personal Trainer & Fitness Instructor working at Pure Fitness in Dubai, UAE.