Steve Keith

"I'd always been interested in the human body at school, but never really taken time to study it, so I decided to enrol on a personal training course."

He is now perusing a more serious and successful role in the fitness industry by setting up his own business and launching ‘the 150 challenge’ aiming to get more people in the UK physically active. 

Where did your initial interest in fitness come from?

I first moved to London in the summer of 2006 and joined a fast track teacher training programme. 12 months later, although I was enjoying life as a teacher, my social life (and health!) had taken a serious turn for the worse and my stress levels had hit an all-time high!

I resolved to join my local gym as I'd read somewhere that exercise was good for combatting stress and I'd noticed how out of breath I had become running for the bus/tube every morning!  I wasn't really sure what I was doing, and how I should be doing it, so I hired a personal trainer to get me started.  He set me off on a programme to help improve my cardiovascular fitness and around 2 months later I'd noticed a massive difference to my mood, and my fitness, so I asked about using weights to tone myself up, etc.

My trainer was incredibly patient and took the time to explain everything he was teaching me,  the correct technique and we became good friends.  I started to ask questions about how he had come to being a PT and saw the parallels between my new found passion for fitness and my experience as a classroom teacher.  I'd always been interested in the human body at school, but never really taken time to study it, so I decided to enrol on a personal training course.

Why I chose Future Fit Training

Initially, I found Future Fit using a search engine, but after comparing their courses to everyone else's on the market I decided to choose them because I liked the mix of practical and theory, and  I was able to study from home..

I made two fantastic friends on my gym instructor course and we're still in touch - all three of us are now running our own businesses in fact!  We often meet up and bounce ideas off each other, and have attended additional workshops together.  There is a real sense of community when you study with Future Fit.

The flexibility in the courses available has meant that I have tailored a set of qualifications that play to my strengths as a PT but also target the local area in which I live.  The town I live in has a lot of new mums and elderly people, so the Pre andPost-Natal and GP Referral and Exercise courses have been invaluable in targeting this group.  These qualifications really set me apart from other trainers and offer a skill set that no one else has - a great unique selling point!

The Future

In 2010, I launched my own personal training business - One Body. I’ve had a number of clients to date and also ran a successful Boot Camp on Clapham Common.

In January 2012, I launched 'The 150 Challenge' which aims to get everyone in the UK to be more physically active, by achieving the government's recommended 150 minutes of physical activity per week.  I've never been one to dream small, and I feel that this is a really important issue that is often ignored, especially in the battle against the UK's rising obesity problems.

The campaign will focus on celebrating the success of everyday people who are changing their habits and adopting physical activity and achieving their goals.  We're already live on Facebook ( and Twitter (@DoThe150) and have started to profile inspirational individuals who are working towards their 150!