Success Story - Rebecca Oladele

"I am happier than I have ever been, fulfilled and changing women's lives with my skills, knowledge and personal experiences is priceless."

Where did your interest in fitness come from?

I am a mother of two and already had a BSC. in Pharmaceutical Science however, this no longer worked around the children. I have always lived fitness and always told my friends what exercises to do. 

Why Future Fit School of Personal Training?

I choose to train with future fit because it was the one that attracted me the most. It wasn't a fast track course but very detailed and offered me do much.

I chose the advanced personal trainer diploma which included several courses such as nutrition and weight management, personal training, circuits, Pilates, GP and Exercise referral and more. I also did the kettle bell course and the pre and post natal course.

The courses I valued the most are the pre and post natal exercise as I work with women only, the Personal training for sure. It was extremely hard but I learnt so much and I use it on a daily basis with my clients. GP referral was the hardest one I did, I nearly gave up! However, I'm glad I pushed through because now alongside my business I work as an Exercise Referral Specialist for council running exercise classes and nutrition seminars to the overweight, diabetic, asthmatic and people with all kinds of conditions.

I found GP referral the most difficult because I had already qualified as a Personal Trainer but I had to re-train my mind for the exercise referral as the way you train these clients is completely different. I found myself over thinking things and struggled with the case study because of this. However, it was the most beneficial and fulfilling qualification. I really enjoyed the gym instructor course as it was the first one I did and it was exciting, new and interesting.

My current role

My life is completely changed since qualifying. I am a successful personal trainer and business owner of Fit2Sparkle and I also work for the council doing GP and exercise referral. I am able to schedule my clients/work around taking my children to school, picking them up, taking them to clubs and school holidays. I am happier than I have ever been, fulfilled and changing women's lives with my skills, knowledge and personal experiences is priceless.

My top student tip

My tip to new students would be as you take the courses, find your niche, your passion so that you can run with it once you complete it. There is so much to learn from each course so don't take it for granted, get all you can from it. Remember it takes a lot of hard work so be prepared to work. It is all worth it in the long run if you commit to what it is that made you take the course in the first place.


Rebecca is a personal trainer and owner of Fit2Sparkle