Success Story - Phillip Robson

"The most enjoyable thing is reaching the clients goals and seeing them develop into the new person they wanted to be."

Why Future Fit?

I took the Advanced Personal Trainer Diploma course and exam in 2007 and spend 2 weeks in the UK at the Portsmouth Future Fit Training facility (Fitness First at the football ground) and then I did the exam and client work programme to achieve my pass with distinction. If I was back in the UK I would do more of the Future Fit courses however I left working in Los Angeles and now I’m working in Dubai. 

The advanced diploma course was suited to my needs and past experience at the level of fitness facility manager and helped to show future employers of my PT Skills also.

The Advanced Personal Trainer course enabled myself to interact and put across to the clients how together we can achieve their fitness and health goals in a clear, logical, and statistical manner than was easy to understand. It showed to the clients and future business employers that I fully understand my work and how to achieve objectives and goals.

What areas of your training did you find most difficult and most enjoyable?

I don’t find anything difficult, I feel that you must have a 'personality', be able to interact on all levels with people, and have inter-personal skills in order to be a personal trainer and you can always learn new ways to help you develop. The most enjoyable thing is reaching the clients goals and seeing them develop into the new person they wanted to be.

My Future

Life now is very different from my military life I left but has made me a better person and I have achieved so much in my time since becoming an Advanced Personal Trainer Level 3 with Future Fit. I have travelled to the USA, back to the UK to run a private health club and now am in Dubai working as a recreation director for a Hotel Company.

My Top Student Tip

If you don’t know about a subject or training regime, nutritional expert advice, then don’t blag it, pass the client onto someone who does, develop a professional working relationship with other fitness and health experts in your area and this will aid your reputation and ultimately your business.

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