Success Story - Lizzie Haylett

"I hope my story can be an inspiration to others thinking about changing their jobs."

Where did your initial interest in fitness come from?

Although I had previously worked in the industry, I had never taught before and at the time I was working full time and driving 90 miles a day to work while still trying to spend time with my 8 year old son and my husband which was proving completely impossible!

Why Future Fit School of Personal Training?

I decided to teach something I had a passion for and once I passed, I worked my hours around to fit in with my life and loved teaching before becoming pregnant last September. I worked all throughout my pregnancy and passed my black belt in Kickboxing-with the doctors consent when I was 3 months pregnant! When I was about 18 weeks pregnant I started my training with Future Fit Training as a Personal Trainer and just about completed my case study within 2 weeks of giving birth.

My future

I'm really enjoying my maternity leave and I’m able to go to many different classes and go to the gym almost daily, which has just given me even more enthusiasm about the industry. I’m really happy that I can fit my job around both my 8 year old boy and my 5 month little girl.