Success Story - Linda Jefferies

"I would recommend Future Fit as they were all very helpful and I’ve made some really good friends on the courses."

Where did your initial interest in fitness come from?

Fitness is my main passion and I have been teaching it for 18 years as it works well around my other commitments.

Although I was already teaching aerobics, I really wanted to progress and offer Personal Training as part of my services. Also, during my classes I’m always getting people asking me advice, so I wanted to keep my training up-to-date so that I had all of the latest information to hand.

Why the School of Personal Training?

I primarily chose Future Fit based on a recommendation from a friend that had already attended a course. The courses also looked like they would work well around my home, work and family life. I didn’t really want to pay a large amount up front so it was great that I could pay as I went along. The advertisements I saw in fitness magazines were what finally inspired me to call.

My current role

I teach 5 classes a week – 2 for a leisure centre and 3 are my own classes. Before I started the course I had never done any weight work and I was totally helped throughout the course. In my classes I tended to mainly do aerobic type exercises, and now after attending the Gym and Personal Training courses I feel more confident teaching with weights – which my participants really enjoy and are gaining the benefits from too.

My future

Working in the health and fitness industry is very important as so few people do enough exercise – which in the long term is pretty scary. I enjoy exercise and I want to pass that on. People at my classes always come back as they say it is good fun, which is want I want. I try to not be a serious instructor, but to make sure they enjoy my classes and want to come back for more and more. I am very passionate about fitness and I hope that comes across in a nice way.

The standard at Future Fit is very good, the training and support has been great value for money, I always feel that you get what you pay for and I still want to take more courses with Future Fit in the future. I would recommend Future Fit as they were all very helpful and I’ve made some really good friends on the courses – who I think will always be around now.