Success Story - Catherine Nunn

"I set about restoring my fitness levels. I lost weight and got hooked on weight training when I saw clear results."

Where did your initial interest in fitness come from?

Having trained as a dancer when I was young, I have always been excited by fitness and physical movement – the importance of correct posture, confidence and well-being that comes with feeling fit and strong, has always been central to my life. After having 3 children in quick succession, I suffered stiffness and back pain for the first time in my life, I had excess body fat to lose and often suffered headaches. I was generally unfit and hated the feeling. When my youngest daughter started school, I set about restoring my fitness levels.

I lost weight and got hooked on weight training when I saw clear results. As my all-round fitness increased, so did my confidence, and my passion was rekindled – in a slightly different guise! I wanted to train as a Personal Trainer in order to help others (particularly post-natal mothers and those struggling with back problems) to rediscover themselves, eradicate unnecessary pain and to help them feel fabulous as mums.

My current role

I love it every time someone tells me they no longer need to see the chiropractor regularly, that they can feel their stomach muscles for the first time in years, or that they have lost body fat easily (even by eating more!) and have a new zest for life.

This really is the best possible job for me, my hours are flexible and my daughters, now 11, 13 and 15, are now benefiting from a garage full of equipment - particularly the stability balls for strong flat stomachs.

Big thanks to Future Fit Training who I have recommended to several aspiring fitness instructors along the way, and will continue to recommend to people in the future. Keep up your good work.