Success Story - Anthony Mann

"The level of detail in the course took me to a new level"

Where did your initial interest in fitness come from?

A couple of years ago I looked into hiring a personal trainer for myself. I’ve been training for a number of years previously and felt I wasn’t progressing and my training plans were a bit piecemeal.

I was looking at a local college prospectus and noticed a course one evening a week for Gym Instructor Level 1 & 2. I attended the college open day and decided to sign up for the course.

I was really surprised at how much there was to learn just in the level 1 and 2 course.

I was then training at my local gym and got talking to another gym member. We were discussing various aspects of a training program and I gave him some advice. I bumped into him a couple of weeks later and he was really appreciative of the advice and started to notice some changes in his physique. I was hooked and deciding I wanted to do more training.

The local college didn’t offer Personal Trainer level 3, so I started to look online for another training provider. I found a number of training providers but Future Fit really stood out from the others, on the range of courses available and the number one factor for me price.

I signed up for the Personal Trainer level 3 course. I was blown away. The level of detail in the course took me to a new level. I found myself training in my local gym and couldn’t stop myself critiquing other gym members on technique and their lack of a structured program, obviously not to their face.

I then signed up to a Kettlebell Instructor course with a different training provider. I was disappointed. The course lacked proper structure, the delivery was poor and I felt let down by the training provider.

I moved back to Future Fit and have now done a number of other courses with more planned in 2014.

Why Future Fit School of Personal Training?

I chose Future Fit because I work full-time. I needed to study around work and the courses available allowed me to do that.

So far I’ve completed:

  • ­   Level 3 Personal Trainer Advanced Instructor
  • ­   Nutrition and Weight Management
  • ­   Exercise for Ultimate Fat Loss
  • ­   Torso Training and Core Stability
  • ­   Circuit Training

In 2014, I will be completing the on-line ‘Advanced Resistance Training’ course.

My current role

I don’t work in the fitness industry. I’m an I.T. Manager for an engineering company. However, I do use the skills I have learnt in my own training programs and offer free advice to friends and family.

What have you valued the most since qualifying?

The Level 3 Personal Trainer Advanced Instructor was the best course for me. It gave me the confidence to talk to other people about fitness in general. It also gave me a structured process to evaluate, discuss and produce a training program to suit an individual.

My Top Student Tip

Put in the hours, the harder you work the more you will get out of the training.


You can contact Anthony here