Success Story - Steve Cuviello

"I’m lean, fit, healthy and most importantly – happy"

Where did your initial interest in fitness and personal training come from?

I realised that for me to be truly happy, I needed to be fit and healthy. Although I’d been fit and healthy in the past, I also had previous bouts of depression and anxiety which followed a common theme that when I was overweight and unfit, I was depressed. So I said to myself, ‘enough is enough’ – I needed to get fit and happy for myself and my family.

Why Future Fit?

I found the Future Fit website and details of the Advanced Personal Trainer course, and after discussing the details with my Careers Advisor, I decided to enrol on the course and make fitness and heath a priority in my life and my new career. It has now been over a year and I’ve never looked back. I am 4 and a half stone lighter and I’m lean, fit, healthy and most importantly – happy.

My current role

I launched my new business, ‘Cuviello Personal Health & Fitness’ in October 2008 and I’m working from home in a converted fitness studio in Norfolk. I offer clients 1-1 fitness instruction, buddy fitness instruction (1-2-2), Pilates for beginners and Improvers and nutrition and weight management. I am passionate about this new career and I hope my passion and enthusiasm will rub off on clients who are looking to improve their fitness and nutrition.