Success Story - Sarah Yates

"Through a mix of theory and experience it feels as though I have been given a ‘head start’ in the industry"

Where did your initial interest in fitness come from?

Whilst studying at University I felt that I wanted to make a break into a rewarding career when I finished that would allow me the opportunity to make my own decisions and hopefully a bit of money.

Why Future Fit?

I first contacted Future Fit Training hoping for some advice on what I would need to do to start work in the health and fitness industry. The career advisor I spoke to was friendly and helpful, he gave me a lot of direction as to what area I needed to go into when in the fitness industry, as there is so much diversity. With some help I decided that I wanted to work in a studio environment in gyms and clubs, with the aim of running my own classes.

I took the Total Immersion Diploma, which was brilliant and thoroughly enjoyable. There was just the right balance of theory and practical to make the courses fun and applicable to what really happens in the gym environment. My Exercise to Music tutor, ‘Conrad’, was excellent - he was so funny. Not only did he make the material enjoyable and fun, but also you knew it was about ‘real experiences’ from his time in the industry. This made it much more relative to us as students. This was true for all the Future Fit Training tutors.

My current role

During my time training with Future Fit Training, I was working in part-time jobs having finished University. I found this better as I still had an income, whilst I was laying the foundations for my new career, making the transition much easier.

My Future

I am now setting up and building my client base for my own gym and training business. I feel that Future Fit Training have given me the knowledge and skills to go on and achieve this. Through a mix of theory and experience it feels as though I have been given a ‘head start’ in the industry by Future Fit Training and will look to add to my skills in the near future to keep up to speed with the changes in the industry.