Success Story - Lee Howells

"At last I've found something that I love doing!"

Where did your initial interest in fitness come from?

I took the Total Immersion Diploma, as I thought the more information the better! I looked round at all the other providers, Future Fit Training seemed the most comprehensive and were very helpful when I initially phoned, they did not pressurise me into signing up, just provided the information I needed.

Why Future Fit?

I enjoy exercise as a hobby so why not take it further. The training was great value for money, as not only was the practical side of training enlightening and enjoyable it was backed up with great theory. 

My Future

I am still ongoing with my training - I will always be wanting more. I believe I have so much more confidence, I am setting up aerobics classes at my local church hall - but from there the world is my oyster. 

As for working in the fitness industry, I love it - at last I've found something that I love doing - I can't wait to get out of bed in the morning. I would definitely recommend Future Fit Training, the courses are brilliant, the tutors are great and support staff are really friendly - Well done!