Success Story - Laura Bowden

"After turning my own life around I decided to look into Personal Training as a career."

Where did your initial interest in fitness come from?

I always had a huge interest in the physiology of the mind and body and have always taken on the motivational role when working within a team. I decided to go into nursing at the age of 17 and studied for 3 years only to realise that I couldn't function properly in such an environment. I lived an unhealthy lifestyle in response to the pressure of my working environment and experienced first-hand what happens when you don't treat yourself with respect.

Why Future Fit?

I researched different training companies thoroughly and decided to go with Future Fit Training because of their professional and knowledgeable approach. Future Fit Training offered the full package (Advanced Exercise Specialist) and allowed me to study from home attending intensive weekend courses. I have little children and had a low income so this worked out perfectly. Within a year I had qualified and set up a Wellness Centre. I arranged for GP surgeries to refer their clients to me and receive NHS funding.

My current role

I run a Nutrition Course provided by Future Fit Training, Pilates, circuit training and train private clients in exercise and nutrition. I have achieved my UEL, OCR and NVQ accreditations and am a member of REPs at Level 3, thanks to the ongoing support from the Future Fit Training staff and tutors who have been great in their constant support and guidance in helping me through my training.

My Future

I don’t regret my decision for a second and it’s thanks to Future Fit Training and a bit of courage that I am as successful as I am today.