Shaun’s take on my transformation

I’m really pleased with Paul’s progress and final results over the 3 months.

School Of Personal Training Posted Dec 01, 2015 Future Fit Training

It is tough to do online and without a coach by your side but he has proved what you can achieve in 12 weeks and overall his health is going to be much better....

The scores at the end are interesting. Although his body weight has dropped considerably, we have essentially stripped him down close to just lean body mass, so the majority of the weight lost was fat – he did a great job getting the abs so lean. Paul would have put some muscle on in the right places to boost his physique.

The training got more intense towards the end of the programme, with extra high intensity interval sessions and minimal rest periods between the resistance exercises to maximise fat-burning. The lower calorie intake to reduce the body fat would also have made recovery from the workouts harder and Paul did say he experienced more Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness in the last couple of weeks. These are the kinds of 'uncomfortable' things you need to be prepared for, and they get more extreme if you're working towards results by a specific date. 

Paul had set a time-frame of 12 weeks to see what he could achieve. However, now he is lean, over the winter normally we would add in more carbohydrate and introduce carb or calorie cycling to maintain the leanness at the same time as adding muscle mass on.

Although I won’t be working with Paul, the next phase for him is therefore to continue to ramp the food back up slowly whilst continuing to train as much as he can. This weight will go on as lean mass as his body will be insulin sensitive and ready to absorb the carbohydrates in particular.

I look forward to seeing where he can get to on his own from here!

About Shaun Estrago

After completing his Level 4 Total Immersion diploma with the Future Fit School of PT, Shaun has gone on to become Senior Trainer at Ultimate Performance in Marbella. He has recently spent time working at UP's gym in Singapore to further his knowledge and experience. Follow him on Twitter at @shaunestragoPT