Being brave

2 weeks to go now and things have really ramped up for that final push. I’m aiming to strip away some more body fat to get me as lean as possible, which means early morning high intensity interval sessions before breakfast.

School Of Personal Training Posted Oct 20, 2015 Future Fit Training

As hard as it is getting up to go out sprinting in the dark and the rain, it’s all done and dusted within 20 minutes and I’ve actually found it leaves me feeling energised for the day ahead.

When I tell people about what it’s taken to see progress they often think I’m mad (particularly those who fall into the camp of not enjoying exercise). A few have also commented about how 'brave' I am to be doing it in public as it were, writing these blogs and posting progress photos online.

Being brave implies there's something to fear, which got me thinking about what that might be.

I suppose there's a couple of things that may be relevant here. Firstly I could be worried about people's reactions, opinions and comments on what I'm doing - and on my body itself! However that's part of the experiment anyway - I'm interested in what people think, positive or negative, and have already blogged about that a couple of times.

Then there's the fear of failure - one point of view is that I'm taking a risk doing a 12 week 'transformation' as if I don't look or feel any different by the end, or even have any changes in measurements, it will be a bit embarrassing. Admittedly I would be quite disappointed not to see any improvements at all with the effort I'm putting in, but as I mentioned in a previous post, I didn't have a specific target from the outset, so whatever happens that will be the result of Project Paul and I'll be able to reflect on the experience. In a way zero changes would be very interesting in terms of asking why. Did I not work hard enough? What else could I have done? Am I a 'non-responder'? Are there any benefits to the changes in training and nutrition I've adopted or should I abandon them?

So in summary although I'm proud of the effort I've put in to the last few weeks, I wouldn't class myself as brave. In fact the added accountability is actually good for motivation as I definitely feel under more determined to work as hard as I can knowing people are watching!