Meat, meat and more meat!

So, at the halfway stage I feel as if I’ve eaten more meat and fish in the last 6 weeks than in the rest of my life.

School Of Personal Training Posted Aug 24, 2015 Future Fit Training

A key element of the nutritional plan I’m following is high amounts of protein to preserve and increase my lean muscle mass. This is becoming more important as I begin to reduce my overall calorie intake to strip away more body fat.

Although for practical reasons I’ll need to include one or two whey protein shakes daily in order to hit my targets, I’ve become more reluctant than ever to choose this option over real food – once in the habit of eating such high volumes of quality meats and fish, supplements really are a last resort to get the nutrients you need into your system. Far too many people reach for the powders and shaker bottles as a first port of call when the aim is gaining muscle, but for most, almost all of the protein you need is easily obtainable (and preferable) from a normal diet.

One challenge has been variety. I try to eat different sources of protein with each of the 5-6 meals I have every day, and also rotate them so I’m not having the same thing two days in a row. I eat plenty of different types of seafood such as cod, haddock, mackerel, prawns and crab, but on the meat front I’ve needed to branch out from my staples of chicken and beef, which is where our friends at come in!

Virtually every week I’ve been getting a delivery of various different types of meat, from steak, pork and turkey, to buffalo, llama, springbok, horse and even zebra. Totting it all up, since #ProjectPaul started my orders have contained a whopping 3.6kg of pure protein!

My favourites are kangaroo, ostrich and venison steaks - over 25g of protein per serving and very low in fat compared to beef. They also have a richer taste, you just need to make sure the steaks aren’t overcooked as they can become tough.

These more exotic meats are certainly pricier, but MuscleFood do regular special offers which include these so keep an eye out for them (and remember to use your Future Fit discount code from the student Zone).

I was also lucky enough to get a ‘cheat meal’ at the end of week 5 so duly made the most of this with one of MuscleFood’s high protein pizzas and a high protein cookie. At over 280 calories and 30g of protein in half the pizza, this meant I could split it across two meals so got double the enjoyment J.

MuscleFood also sent me one of their newest products – ‘bug burgers’ made from buffalo worm. I’ve not tried these yet as to be honest, the meat is a lot more appealing! But I will take the plunge and let you know what they’re like very soon!

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