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Raising the Bar 2016

Published on 15 November 2016

Raising the Bar 2016 reveals a leisure industry calling for more robust training and unification of standards to properly prepare and professionalise their workforce.

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The Deadlift. How to do it properly

Published on 15 November 2016

The deadlift is one of the most technical exercises that you will do in the gym (excluding the Olympic lifts), and is also one of the most intense.

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Suspension training: 5 ways to boost your workouts

Published on 08 November 2016

A while back it felt like suspension training was going to become the most popular form of training around.

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Crossfit - Fitness Fad or here to stay?

Published on 31 August 2016

IS it a trend? Or is it going to be practiced by eager gym goers in 50 years’ time in the pursuit of total body fitness?

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Sport England: Towards an active nation

Published on 23 August 2016

Following the government’s Sporting Future strategy, published late last year, Sport England identified how it will engage with it.

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Learn from your mistakes - 3 PT lessons

Published on 05 July 2016

As a personal trainer, you will find yourself meeting all sorts of different people in all sorts of different situations.

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What does Brexit mean for the fitness industry?

Published on 29 June 2016

Britain has voted to leave the EU and all of us, regardless of age or industry sector, are wondering what effect this will have on our economy and future.

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Top 5 Kettlebell Exercises To Boost Your Workout

Published on 10 June 2016

Often referred to as the ultimate training tool, kettlebells are an ideal solution for those looking for a time efficient whole body workout.

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Future Fit Training partners with CIMSPA

Published on 09 June 2016

We are excited to announce that we’ve been named as the CPD launch partner for CIMSPA’s exercise and fitness stream.

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Benefits of hiring a Personal Trainer

Published on 31 May 2016

Why exactly is it better to hire a PT than to do it on your own? And are there any other perks you haven’t considered?

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