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Putting the AR in SMART

Published on 04 January 2016

With New Year’s resolutions in full swing (and I dare say some already abandoned), it seems fitting to write about goal-setting this month.

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How to become a successful personal trainer

Published on 04 January 2016

Now valued at over £4 billion, the health and fitness industry is booming. With more people than ever suffering from the effects of poor lifestyle choices and struggling to reach their fitness goals, never has there been a greater need for professionals who can provide the solutions to their problems.

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Top 20 fitness trends for 2016

Published on 29 December 2015

The American College of Sports Medicine recently released its top 20 health and fitness trends for 2016.

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Katie Bulmer-Cooke backs Future Fit Course

Published on 23 September 2015

Katie Bulmer-Cooke is the Ambassador for Future Fit Training's PT Skills Gap Course to help professionals build better relationships with clients.

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Top 10 Personal Training Books by Ross Mitchell

Published on 03 August 2015

Knowledge is power, or so they say. check out Future Fit's 10 must read books for any aspiring Personal Trainer.

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Cardio or resistance first for fat loss?

Published on 08 July 2015

Adapting training programmes to include both cardiovascular and resistance exercise to maximise fat loss is undoubtedly beneficial.

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How to break the ice with gym members

Published on 06 February 2015

Successful PT'ss have a flair for this skill, but many find it difficult. The following techniques will hopefully provide a confidence boost

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Do you need supplements?

Published on 16 January 2015

Let's look at a few points to be aware if you are to make an informed decision about what to use yourself and what to advise clients.

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How to advertise effectively as a PT...

Published on 04 December 2014

When working as a personal trainer in a health club or gym, one of the most striking obstacles is the passiveness towards PT.

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Is Level 4 Total Immersion Diploma for you?

Published on 17 November 2014

Level 4 Total Immersion Diploma, the most comprehensive PT qualification in the industry!

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