Feed your hunger for health and fitness knowledge

Is knowledge the key to unlocking your health and fitness goals?

School Of Personal Training Posted Feb 22, 2017 Future Fit Training

Are you passionate about all things health & fitness related? 

So many people are nowadays. With a strong media push towards a healthy look and lifestyle, a gym on every corner touting special offers and so much choice available in terms of workout types and fitness trends, it’s difficult to ignore.

We have a strong import culture with availability of international foods, ingredients and supplements meaning that we are constantly being exposed to new choices and media messages telling us what is best for us. Therefore it’s hard to know what to believe sometimes.  

We all understand the basic concept behind the need to exercise but do we really know what a yoga class will do for our bodies compared to a Pilates class for example?  Do we understand the depth of impact that a circuit training class will have on our joints compared to going for a run perhaps?   

Is it important to combine multivitamins with iron, or should they be consumed separately for maximum absorption? Is fruit really good for you, or is there a limit on how much of that you should eat?

Health & fitness knowledge to help reach your goals

These are the questions that are driving more and more people to undertake health and fitness courses, not just to facilitate a career change but to be fully informed and to satisfy a personal interest. If we strive for a healthier lifestyle, to overcome minor health problems with the help of good nutrition and exercise even, we should be fully aware of the impact that our choices have on our health and fitness.  

That said, the health and fitness industry has experienced an impressive growth spurt over the last few years with a surge in gymnasiums and gym memberships as a result driving many people to make the leap to turn their passion for all things health and fitness into a career. Some 10 years ago, it seemed that only those considered ‘wealthy’ hired personal trainers and nutrition advisers but nowadays, it seems that it is more commonplace amongst people not necessarily in the high income bracket to procure these services, in fact it is a social norm. Thus resulting in more career opportunities for fitness professionals.

It’s easy to pick up snippets of information from health and fitness websites, blogs and magazines but a certified course requires knowledge to be clinically correct, not just up to date and topical. For example on our certified nutrition diploma courses, you will learn about the full composition of the foods you eat, how the digestive system processes key nutrients, how to read food labels and the benefits of sports supplements.

Maintain your goals long term

Our fitness courses teach you about the effect of exercise on your muscles, joints and cardiovascular system, how to gain and lose weight effectively through detailed anatomy and physiology study and more specialist areas of fitness.

The drive towards learning what the experts know makes complete sense when you think about the consequences of getting it wrong, or not getting it quite right in this context.  Whether you are exercising and changing your diet to lose weight and get in shape generally, or are training for a specific sport or event, this knowledge is the key to getting the results you want and maintaining them long term.  Perhaps nutritional knowledge is the key to achieving your health and fitness goals.