Turn Your Fitness Job into a Fitness Business!

Looking for some top tips on how you can turn your fitness job into a fitness business? Here are some top tips to take you to the next level.

School Of Personal Training Posted Feb 16, 2017 Future Fit Training

Being a personal trainer in 2017 is competitive - as of April 2016, there were approximately 23,000 PT's in the UK alone, and that’s set to rise this year! To stand out from the crowd you have to be REALLY good at what you do, and this means having the passion and drive to succeed. To turn your fitness job into a fitness business, you've got to put a lot of hard work in, it's not about counting reps - it's about building a business strategy that works…

Raise your game with these simple steps!

Build Experience

When working in the fitness industry, the knowledge you gain through building experience is key. You could get all the required qualifications you need, but if you've got no experience working with people and changing their lifestyle, then the qualifications won't matter. Building the experience will help you to establish yourself as a PT that people want to work with, as well as helping you to build a network of potential clients.

Identify Your Niche

Finding your niche as a fitness professional can be quite tricky; so you've got the experience, you can train clients, coach them to change their lifestyle, as well as the right routine of exercises. But do you have a niche?

Ultimately, your goal is to make a business model that works and is continuously sustaining your lifestyle, increasing your salary and giving you the chance to turn your passion into your job. Identifying your niche must involve finding something that sets you apart from your competition; whether it's mindset coaching, a specific type of exercise (i.e. HIIT, boxing, pilates, kettlebells...), nutrition, looking at certain qualifications such as REPS Level 4, which will give you an opportunity to extend the reach of your business by accepting GP referrals and providing a specialist premium service to non-referred clients. These courses let you learn how to advise athletes and fitness enthusiasts who may be training for a particular sporting events on certain aspects of their routine, such as nutrition and supplement use.

Our courses allow you to focus on developing a set of skills that will set you apart from the rest, helping you to build a rapport with clients that gives you the networking skills to meet new clients. If you've only just started, don't worry; finding your niche in the industry will come as you build up more experience, and in turn increase your salary as your journey continues.


Whilst marketing yourself might seem like hard work, but if you don't shout about how good you are, no one else will either! Once you've identified your niche, you can work to make this the main focus of your marketing strategy, giving people an insight into how you work and making people want to come to you. Developing a marketing and sales plan will help you to sell your services directly to clients, helping you to understand how you can help people, and in turn raising the bar to bring yourself the best opportunities.

It's Not Just About Exercise

Changing your clients’ lifestyles isn't just about teaching them the best techniques, you have to change the way they think, too. Learning to understand all aspects of becoming a successful PT is key to turning your fitness job into a business. You have to be ready to grow. You have to be compliant with legal obligations. You have to have good business foundations and a plan. Even the best ideas will fail to get off the ground if you don't clearly set out your goals and objectives. Think of your fitness business as a client, you set them things to achieve, and watch them work at it week in week out. And that's exactly what you should be doing.

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