A first-hand insight into PT

Studying to be a personal trainer but not sure if the gym route is right for you? Want a first-hand insight into PT to give you more confidence?

School Of Personal Training Posted Dec 19, 2016 Future Fit Training

In partnership with YOUR Personal Training, we’re offering Future Fit students the chance to spend a day with an experienced personal trainer, shadowing their sessions with clients and seeing what a typical day involves to boost your confidence and skills in the gym.

The scheme is completely free and exclusively available to Future Fit students that have passed the Level 3 Exercise Programming and Coaching course. Whether you’re still studying further courses with us or have completed your diploma, this opportunity will give you a great insight into what it’s like to be a PT in a busy gym.

What can you expect?

  • A full day at a gym with one of Your PT’s experienced trainers
  • Shadow their sessions (with client permission)
  • Get the client’s view - be taken through an example PT session
  • Ask questions and pick their brains for ideas and tips
  • An opportunity to speak to gym members to gain ‘floor walking’ experience

“The PT Experience Day will enable you to shadow an experienced trainer on the gym floor and provides a unique chance to practice your soft skills,” says Paul Swainson, our Head of Personal Training.  “The day is designed to boost gym floor and client relationship skills and build confidence by watching the Your PT trainer in action before putting these newly learned skills into practice.  As a result, we aim to build your confidence and develop new skills working with gym members.”

Future Fit Training is committed to ensuring its students have the necessary soft skills including client interaction, gym floor confidence and rapport with clients, members and colleagues in the gym environment.

“Soft skills and gym floor confidence are crucial to the success of a personal trainer but we were not surprised to learn that many newly qualified PTs lack confidence in these areas,” says Joe Oliver, Founder of Your Personal Training.  “When Future Fit Training approached us with the idea of this shadowing programme we were only too pleased to partner with them so that our more experienced PTs can share their skills and best practice with trainers just starting out in their career.”

What have our students said about the scheme?

“I had a great time and came away with lots of tips, advice and renewed motivation to get myself started as a fitness professional. I arrived with an open mind and a view to learn as much as possible about the fitness industry in general and was not disappointed”.

“I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and have come away with lots of positive vibes”.

Sameena Khan

“I found it really interesting and helpful”.  

“My PT was very flexible and accommodating to allow me to shadow her all day, whilst having a very full diary of clients. I was seriously impressed!!”

Julie Balchin

How do you sign up for the scheme?

The PT Experience Day scheme is now available to all Future Fit Training PT students who have passed the Level 3 Exercise Programming and Coaching course.

You can apply by logging into your Student Zone and competing the application form.