PT study: A Reassuringly Comprehensive Process

Jak Philips, the Head of Communication at ukactive talks to us about his experience of his Diploma so far...

School Of Personal Training Posted Dec 12, 2016 Future Fit Training

How hard can it be to be a personal trainer?

A lot harder than I first thought, it soon transpired.

Within minutes of logging into my online learning portal with Future Fit Training, I was surprised at the sheer amount of information one must ingest in order to even start the practical aspects of coaching someone through the wonderful world of exercise.

As somebody who has worked in the health and fitness industry for several years, I'm not ashamed to admit that I'd fallen into the trap of assuming that obtaining my personal trainer qualifications would be a doddle. I'm happy to report that I could not have been further from the truth. The reality is that the process of becoming a fully qualified exercise professional is refreshingly comprehensive.

Fortunately for me - and many others who seek to gain these new skills while holding down a demanding full-time job - the process of remote learning is eased significantly through Future Fit's accessible and highly supportive online learning portal. Through my daily bus journeys (occasionally I run) to ukactive HQ in Holborn, I gradually progressed through the early learning stages, slowly committing to memory the inner workings of the aorta and getting to grips with the SMARTER principles of goal-setting.

Thanks to this thorough process of knowledge acquisition and consolidation, I approached my first weekend of practical PT learning with a firm grip on the basic principles of training the body. Any lingering nerves and apprehension I had were quickly quashed by the welcoming nature of my fellow course mates and the patient, reassuring presence of our tutor Jacqueline Hooton. 

Offering support throughout...

A quick and deserved digression should go to Jacqueline Hooton - a bodybuilding grandma who has carved an impressive career in our industry through many years of hard graft and improvement. She now dedicates many of her weekends to passing on her encyclopaedic knowledge of personal training to intrepid newbies such as myself. Over the course of a three-day intensive course, Jacqueline coaxed and cajoled our cohort through the early stages of exercise instruction with a firm but fair hand, while managing to retain her sense of humour throughout the long weekend, which was made slightly longer by our group's earnest and irregular digressions.

What's next?

Happily I was able to pass the four initial exams of my Level 2 PT course and am now knuckling down in preparation for my final two practical exams next month. Like a novice half-way through an underestimated mountain climb, I find myself with new-found respect for the sobering difficulty of the task at hand. I can't wait to get stuck into my assessment, carrying a new-found appreciation of the level of work that one must put in if they wish to conquer their PT course. The challenge is well and truly underway and I'm now glad to say I'll be redoubling my efforts in anticipation of the task ahead.

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