Olympic skier Rowan Cheshire backs Future Fit

Professional GB Olympic freestyle skier Rowan Cheshire has just started her Level 4 Total Immersion Personal Trainer Diploma with us.

School Of Personal Training Posted Dec 05, 2016 Future Fit Training

Rowan has achieved so much at such a young age, we have no doubt that she will excel in her studies and make an amazing and inspirational personal trainer.

Here are Rowan's own words about her passion for skiing, health and fitness and her achievements so far...

How my journey as a professional freestyle skier started

Hi my name is Rowan Cheshire and I’m a 21 year old professional freestyle skier competing in the halfpipe discipline. My dad got me into skiing, as he used to ski when he was younger and wanted the whole family to go on ski holidays together. So I started skiing at my local dry slope in Stoke when I was 10 and took part in the ski school there for 2 hours on Saturday and Sunday every single week for what must have been a year. From there I took part in freestyle camps and started competing in national competitions. I have been competing internationally and professionally now since I was 17, now I travel the world training and competing... pretty much living the dream!

Qualifying for the 2014 Winter Olympics was a massive achievement!

I have had a pretty successful career so far, winning a world cup in January 2014 making me the first British woman in 20 odd years to win at a winter sport world cup event, competing and making finals in world cups and world championships and also competing in some really well known competitions such as the Dew Tour. Also qualifing for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia was a massive achievement for me as the qualification is pretty tough. It was an amazing and a once in a lifetime experience!

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to compete due to a bad fall in the final training, where I suffered facial injuries and a bad concussion. It has been a long journey over the past couple of years getting my fitness and mental health back after the accident, consisting of gym, gymnastics and seeing a psychologist. I am all healed up now and currently starting the Olympic qualifying season again, where I hope to qualify again and do our country proud.

My passion for fitness and health have driven me to train to become a personal trainer.

I’ve always been into sports from a really young age so becoming an athlete was kind of a natural path for me so I would say I have a general knowledge about fitness, health, nutrition and mental health because of what I do and what I’ve been through so I have chosen to go down the personal training/nutrition route as I really have a passion for fitness and health in general.

It’s definitely something that I’m really interested in learning more about and also being able to help other people become healthier and happier in themselves. To be able to make a career out of something I love and have a passion for and to be able help people especially being able to work around my ski career really is the goal for me.

I chose Future Fit because their courses are highly respected in the industry

I researched a lot when looking for a course both online and asking people in the industry. One of the most important things for me was that I needed a course that would be flexible enough to fit around skiing, training and travelling but also that I could do a lot of online, as this would obviously work better for me than a classroom based course, whilst being able to get the qualifications that I wanted.

This is why I have chosen to study with Future Fit Training, as their courses are highly respected in the industry and they have been very understanding of my situation and been very flexible for me with workshops and assessment dates.

I was able to start my course really soon after first enquiring about it as all of the staff are super helpful, friendly and very efficient. They did their very best to resolve any issue I had and made sure that I could get on with my studying with a full understanding of how it worked. 

I am excited to crack on with the course and kick-start my career in the health and fitness industry.

If you would like to start your journey to becoming a personal trainer like Rowan, find out more about our Level 4 Total Immersion Diploma.