Dame Kelly Holmes' Trust athlete, Henry Cookey

Henry Cookey, Olympian and 2014 Commonwealth Champion, tells his story of studying his Level 3 PT Diploma...

School Of Personal Training Posted Nov 23, 2016 Future Fit Training

Why do you want to become a Personal Trainer?

My next venture is to open a fitness centre in Liverpool and get more people active in the area. I want to get more people off the couch an into exercise and a healthy lifestyle, and having some accredited personal trainer qualifications would give me the credibility and open some doors for me to make this possible. So I signed up with Future Fit Training in September and so far, so good…

I thought as a pro athlete and coach I’d know a lot of the stuff and going through the course would be a boring repetitive tick box exercise. Wrong! The course is really detailed and really fascinating. I wasn’t sure how I’d fit in the learning with my already packed schedule but because you do it online and in your own time it’s fine. I can do an hour or two here and there to fit around my schedule which can be a bit crazy with my taekwondo training, coaching and my mentoring work for Dame Kelly Holmes Trust, so being able to study at any time and not being pinned to a class schedule is really good. 

What did you think about the courses?

The home study is great and flexible but when I got together with my group last week that was a real eye-opener. We bounced ideas off each other and shared our views. The group dynamic really made me look at things from other people’s perspective. I’m the only athlete in the group which also includes a few journalists and a team from ukactive. Talking to them I could see how the course and exercise in general is viewed totally differently by people from a non-athletic background. This really helps me with understanding my clients and how to get the best out of them, most of whom won’t have the same athlete’s mindset as me at all.

We had an intense weekend of classroom and gym-based training. We sat our Level 2 theory exams (yeah, I passed!) and learned loads of practical skills ahead of our practical exam.

I’m working hard on my portfolio ready for the practical exam on December 8th (wish me luck). I’m prepping medical and lifestyle screening, session plans and workout instructions, and have written the exercise programme for my case study. And before you say it, it’s not my best mate or someone from my group! This is a real life case study of someone starting out in fitness who has no idea what the assessment criteria are. 

What are your next steps?

So, in a nutshell, I’ve learned a load already and if I pass my practical I’ll be a Level 2 qualified fitness instructor by Christmas. The New Year will see me step it up for the Level 3 Personal Trainer qualification. I’ve been in sport most of my life but this is taking it to a whole new level and giving me the chance to give something back and help other people. I’ll keep you posted!

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